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This is the page of Chris Filip. I was a game design student at University Campus Suffolk in the 2014 promotion. I have spent the summer of 2013 being an intern at ITO World and while there I have been introduced to OpenStreetMap: the concept and the community (the mailing lists I've discovered on my own). I have worked at ITO between the summer of 2013 and the summer of 2014 and now live in my hometown of Bucharest, Romania.

I have created my last-year university dissertation project on crowd-sourced games research, principally on the games that OSM has inspired for introducing map data and resolving errors. All my notes have been stored on my dissertation blog .

I have held a talk at State of the Map 2013 about the "Risks and Rewards of Using Gamification in Data Entry for OpenStreetMap", and while there I have met many people from the community with whom I've had really interesting talks about this field and hope to continue my discussions with them in the future.

As part of my understanding of the community and OSM, and as a game designer, I have created the Gamification category in order to help properly define between Games that use OSM data and gamified applications that add or fix data from OSM.

My edits in the wiki and the views expressed on my blog are personal.