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When moving to a new town, people will be talking about streets and you'll have no idea where they are.

For moderately-sized towns (population 100.000?), I figure it'd be perfectly doable to just learn where everything is. Best way do to that would, imho, be with a game.

Gathering data

  • Have the user select a region (or perhaps a bounding box is easier at first)
  • Fetch all streets, POI's from this region

Game flow

  • Determine the next target, show it to the user (as text)
  • Show a zoomed-out version of the region, with a (2x2? 3x3?) grid
  • Users clicks a quadrant
    • Incorrect answer: highlight the correct quadrant(s)
    • Correct anwer:
      • Zoomed in a lot? Success! Highlight the target street
      • Not zoomed in a lot? Zoom in one level
  • Repeat


  • Be smart about picking the next target:
    • Based on which streets the user already answered correctly
    • Based on which streets are 'important'
      • based on road type
      • based on length
      • based on percentage of users who got this question right
  • Statistics
  • Achievements


I gave this a shot at https://github.com/raboof/learnyouacity - it's crude, but fun.