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This is a list of films and movies that are either about OpenStreetMap or use OpenStreetMap and give credit.

Films about OSM

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Films that use OSM

While there may certainly be many films that unintentionally use OpenStreetMap as a prop element, or intentionally but neglected to provide credit, some films have intentionally used OSM-derived maps or OSM data in production and provided attribution in the film's end credits.

Year Film Credits OSM? Use of OSM Remarks
2015 Eye in the Sky OSM credit in Eye in the Sky.png
Yes. End credits state "OpenStreetMap - “© OpenStreetMap Contributors”"
Unconfirmed. Possibly used as rendered intelligence maps of Nairobi, Kenya by UK intelligence agents in the film. The film also credits a CC-BY-NC-SA project named nairobiGISmaps.
2016 Inferno OSM credit in Inferno.png
Yes. End credits state "© OpenStreetMap contributors"
Inferno (2016 film) screenshot showing OSM.jpg
OSM is used in a scene (at around 26 min playtime) where WHO agents pursuing Robert Langdon geolocates the IP address of a computer he used in Florence (Firenze), Italy.
Street and address mentioned are fictional.
2016 Patriots Day OSM credit in Patriots Day.png
Yes. End credits state "Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors"
Patriots day.png58m47s Unconfirmed. Possibly used as a basemap of Boston. Location shown: Littleton, Massachusetts
2017 Blade Runner 2049 OSM credit in Blade Runner 2049.png
Yes. End credits state “© OPEN STREET MAP CONTRIBUTORS”
Unconfirmed. Possibly used as basemap of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Los Angeles map at 1:34:08.
2018 The Guilty (Den skyldige) No. Does not appear in end credits
Used in the interface of the alarm dispatchers to locate callers. Featured throughout the movie.
Seems to use the default rendering style.
Locations mentioned:
Mågevej 26, Næstved real street but fictional number
Høker Cafeen really exists
fictional "Psykiatrisk Center Nordjælland" at real address Esrumvej 145 Helsingør
2018 Mission: Impossible – Fallout No. Does not appear in end credits Mifallout.jpg
Printed map for planning a heist of a person. Location shown is in the centre of Paris.
2020 All the Bright Places No End credits frame from "All the bright Places".jpeg
Used in the end credits (this is the same place shown on
Several printed maps from 1:42:05 for 2 minutes.
2020 Worth No Printed map on a law firm's cork board. Humanitarian OSM rendering style. Location shown: Lower Manhattan, New York Map at 26:45 and 1:35:40
2021 Sophie: A Murder in West Cork No, nothing when the maps are show, nothing in the end credits. Netflix uses OSM based geodata to show the locations around the murder.[1]
2022 Notre-Dame on Fire No OpenStreetMap in Notre-Dame on Fire OSM is used in a scene in a screen. Transport OSM rendering style. Location shown: Ile Saint Louis, Paris Map at 1:18:16
2024 Under Paris OSM credit in Under Paris.png
Yes. End credits state "© contributeurs OpenStreetMap - openstreetmaporg/copyright"
Under Paris screenshot showing OSM.png
Location shown is on the Seine river in Paris
Map at 21 min

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  1. Contributor b-unicycling recognized this, because she had mapped the area after listening to a podcast about the murder.