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This is a list of films and movies that are either about OpenStreetMap or use OpenStreetMap and give credit.

Films about OSM

Films that use OSM

While there may certainly be many films that unintentionally use OpenStreetMap as a prop element, or intentionally but neglected to provide credit, some films have intentionally used OSM-derived maps or OSM data in production and provided attribution in the film's end credits.

Year Film Credits OSM? Use of OSM Remarks
2015 Eye in the Sky

OSM credit in Eye in the Sky.png
Yes. End credits state "OpenStreetMap - “© OpenStreetMap Contributors”"

Unconfirmed. Possibly used as rendered intelligence maps of Nairobi, Kenya by UK intelligence agents in the film. The film also credits a CC-BY-NC-SA project named nairobiGISmaps.
2016 Inferno

OSM credit in Inferno.png
Yes. End credits state "© OpenStreetMap contributors"

Unconfirmed. Possibly used as a basemap of Florence (Firenze), Italy where agents pursuing Robert Langdon geolocates the IP address of a computer he used.
2016 Patriots Day

OSM credit in Patriots Day.png
Yes. End credits state "Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors"

Unconfirmed. Possibly used as a basemap of Boston.
2017 Blade Runner 2049

OSM credit in Blade Runner 2049.png
Yes. End credits state “© OPEN STREET MAP CONTRIBUTORS”

Unconfirmed. Possibly used as basemap of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
2018 Rotten (TV series)- Big Bird No Unconfirmed. Possibly used as a basemap of Manning (min. 17.35)
2018 The Guilty (Den skyldige) To be confirmed Used in the interface of the alarm dispatchers to locate callers. Featured throughout the movie. Seems to use the default rendring style.
2018 Mission: Impossible – Fallout Mifallout.jpg
Printed map for planning a heist of a person.

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