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There is a wide variety of software available using OSM data and services. For a complete list, see the software category or see the specific comparison tables for desktops and mobile devices below.

Desktop software

Mobile software by platform

Main article: Software/Mobile

Embedded software by platform


See also

  • List of OSM based Services
  • Commercial OSM Software and Services — message at companies: please leave a link to your company or service at this page and not somewhere else at wiki. Thank you!
  • GIS software – includes non-OSM tools that may nonetheless be useful
  • Develop
  • — Open Source Software for Working with OpenStreetMap Data
  • Osm Software Catalog — desktop Windows application which acts as catalogue of all OpenStreetMap based applications. It is based on this wiki's content. Supports sorting, filtering and comparison.
  • OSM Apps Catalog — A WebApp shows a complete list of all OSM Apps described in this wiki. Supports filtering. Based on Software, Service item and Layer template entries.
  • OSM Software Watchlist -- This list represents a compilation of many software products that are important in OSM environment. Each software is checked weekly for a new release.