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Ubuntu Touch is a GNU/Linux-based operating system for mobile phones and other mobile devices. For general information, see Wikipedia's page on Ubutu Touch or Ubuntu Touch Official project page.

For information about Ubuntu Touch and OpenStreetMap see also the Ubuntu Touch category, or Software/Mobilephones.

General information

Name Link Screenshot Display map Navigate Make track Monitor License Price Languages Version Description
UNav uApp Explorer UNav.png yes yes no yes GPL free EN; DE; IT; CA 2016-09-19
Online map viewer and navigator based on OpenStreetMap and Mapzen
Activity Tracker Activity Tracker - yes no yes yes GPL free EN 2015-11-14
Track outdoor activities based on OpenStreetMap
OSM Touch Launchpad - yes no no yes WTFPL free EN; DE; IT; CA 2014-12-7
Online map viewer based on OpenStreetMap - Discontinued
OSMScout uApp Explorer - yes yes no yes LGPL free EN 2016-07-13
Offline navigator based on OpenStreetMap

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