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Authors Costales, JkB, Nekhelesh, Olivier Tilloy, Dan Chapman
License GNU General Public License v3 (free of charge)
Platform Ubuntu Phone
Version 0.64 (2016-09-19)
Language multiple languages
Website http://unav.me
Programming language Launchpad

Map viewer and GPS navigator for Ubuntu Phone

UNav logo.svg uNav is a map viewer and navigation application for Ubuntu Phone.


  • Online and offline map viewer and GPS navigator.
  • Powered by OpenStreetMap & Mapzen.
  • Car, bike, walk & public transport modes.
  • Avoid tolls.
  • Speed camera alerts.
  • Searches & Nearby POIs powered by OpenStreetMap.
  • Share positions & catch those positions (even geo URIs).
  • For any country in the world.
  • 100% GPL and 100% powered by libre projects.
  • turn-by-turn indicators with voice.
  • Unit: kilometers or miles.