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Personal Navigation Assistants (PNA) or Personal Navigation device (PND) are gadgets that provide you an easy way to navigate. Some are build for outdoor use, the most are build to guide you on a ride with your car. Normally they are just extended PDAs that include a GPS and have a locked up user interface. See Wikipedia: Personal navigation assistant for more general info.


These ones have proprietary operating systems but you can generate OSM maps for their original applications:

Other ones have a locked up file format, but sometimes you can get into the operating system and install OpenSource software:

WinCE based

PNA Connex NVA-03560-TC.jpg
Gosmore running on a Transonic 6000

This devices use a Windows CE or Windows Mobile as operating system. So you can run the most tools that work for this platforms, too. But before you have to get access to the underlying windows with a few tricks:

Typical brands are:

Some commercial tools that come preshipped on a micro SD card, run with OSM data out of the box: Find and Route, GPS-Mate

Linux based


Linux allows you to hack your device but might be a little bit complicate/dangerous.


Becker Traffic Assist

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