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Firefox OS was a Linux-based free and open-source operating system for mobile phones and other mobile devices made by the Mozilla Foundation. The operating system is not anymore maintained.

For general information about the OS, see Firefox OS on Wikipedia or the official download and support site.


Software Download Screenshot Display map Navigate Make track Upload to OSM License Price Language(s) Version
HikingGuide Download yes no no no GPL v3 Free of charge English, Spanish, Basque, French 1.0
HikingMaps Download HikingMaps.png yes no yes no GPL v3 Free of charge German, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese 1.4
Mapwire Download Mapwire screenshot.png yes no N/A N/A N/A Free of charge English 0.6 (beta)
Tracks Download 179260.png no no yes no GPL v3 Free of charge English 1.0 (beta)
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