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Gentoo ( is a Linux distribution based on the Portage package management system, which compiles packages from source code rather than installing binaries. This allows software to be optimized to the machine on which it is installed. It supports either a Gnome or KDE desktop and packages can be customised by the use of 'use' flags. For more information see the Gentoo web site or Wikipedia


Portage Overlay

There is an OpenStreetMap Gentoo Overlay which can be used to obtain the latest ebuilds for the major OSM projects. By using the "x86"-keyword you get a stable release, the "~x86"-keyword installs the svn-version.

To install layman:

emerge -av layman

Follow the instructions given by portage how to include layman into portage.

Add the overlay to the list in /etc/layman/layman.cfg like so:

overlays  :

To use the overlay, add it to your local portage:

layman -a openstreetmap

Alternatively you can add the overlay locally without permanently adding it to the layman configuration:

layman -o -a openstreetmap -f

If you are looking for JOSM Installation instructions for Gentoo, which used to be here, see JOSM/Gentoo