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Fedora is an independently developed Linux distribution. It uses GNOME as desktop environment by default. Several official spins exist, including one using KDE as desktop environment, one using Xfce and another one using LXDE. For further information visit wikipedia including the version history.


Software that works with Fedora Linux can be found here - some packages are available in the Fedora repository:

program type package
cGPSmapper creating / modifying Garmin vectors map. command line -
geotag geolocation of photos with google maps display Java geotag
Gosmore openstreetmap.org viewer and wayfinder GTK gosmore
GPSBabel converting various data formats to GPX format command line gpsbabel
GpsDrive navigation system GTK gpsdrive
GPSMan graphical manager of GPS data Tcl/Tk gpsman
GpsPrune viewing and editing gps tracks with OSM overlays Java gpsprune
JOSM (install notes) Java OpenStreetMap Editor Java josm
KDE Marble globe program KDE/Qt marble
Merkaartor OpenStreetMap editor Qt merkaartor
mkgmap converter OSM data into Garmin img command line mkgmap
mtkbabel GPS devices based on the MediaTek MTK chipset command line mtkbabel
NaviPOWM display vector maps at your GPS position, produce tracklogs in NMEA Qt -
Navit car navigation system with routing engine GTK navit
OSM2Go OpenStreetMap editor GTK -
osm2pgsql converts OSM data to PostgreSQL command line osm2pgsql
QLandkarte map viewer Qt qlandkarte
RouteConverter conversion of gps tracks and display them Java routeconverter
Show Your Places CMS for managing geolocated photos web syp
Viking manage GPS data GTK viking

For all these programs with an Fedora package name given, you can install them very simply using the PackageKit, just search for the name and click to install. Or from the command line just install them directly:

dnf install <packagename>


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