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OSM Map On Garmin

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Known issues


Download maps

Mkgmap is a command line utility that converts OpenStreetMap data into vector maps that can be loaded onto a Garmin GPS device. It does the conversion in one step without depending on any other program. Mkgmap only supports the OSM map data format.

Mkgmap main features

Screenshot of mkgmap
License: GNU General Public License
Platforms: Windows, Linux, and macOS
Version: 4262 (2019-01-11)
Source code:
Programming language: Java

Make OSM maps for your Garmin device

  • Creates maps for Garmin GPS devices using OSM data
  • Full control which OSM data is integrated into the map (style system)
  • Full control how POIs, streets and all other elements are displayed (TYP file compiler)
  • Full address search support
  • Routing support
  • Many options for fine control over the map creation process
  • Can insert hill shading and DEM (still in Beta but works - see branch builds DEM)


Get the latest version from the mkgmap download page. To see what has changed recently see the mkgmap news page.

Warning for Ubuntu / Debian / Other linux distributions

Some linux distros package mkgmap. Be aware that the packaged version often is very old though. You will be better off using one of the versions linked to above. If you experience problems, do yourself a favour and check the version.

Creating a map

Creating a map consists of several steps.

  1. Download OSM data
  2. Split the OSM data into tile using the tile splitter
  3. Create your own map style files (optional)
  4. Compile the tiles with mkgmap
  5. Upload the map to your GPS

Command line options

There are several mkgmap options to configure the details of how mkgmap creates the map. For a complete list see the complete option list (which may be outdated) or run

java -jar mkgmap.jar --help

There are some scripts for Unix users which might be helpful: Python Script.


OSM Map Composer for Windows provides a graphical interface with mkgmap (along with other components) running behind the scenes, thus eliminating the need to deal with the command line.

Known issues

See the known issues page to read the list of currently known issues with mkgmap.

Screenshots of results

Mkgmap4.png Mkgmap-screenshot-6.png Mkgmap-screenshot-9.png Warnemünde.png


If you want to take part in the mkgmap development please start by subscribing to the mkgmap mailing list. The development wiki page gives info about the mkgmap repositories and how to build mkgmap from the scratch.


The software is licensed under the GPL version 2. The maps it produces are to be licensed according to the data they were derived from: Open Database License (ODbL) for OSM data. There is therefore no licensing conflict that might exist with other approaches.


Main article: Mkgmap/help

If you need help then try the following:

  • Ask a question in the mailing list. The mailing list can be accessed using any newsgroup reader (eg. Thunderbird) using the following settings:
  • Server:
  • Group name: gmane.comp.gis.openstreetmap.mkgmap.devel
  • There is also an archive of the mailing list.

The mailing list is very active and will usually produce the fastest response.



More on mkgmap

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Downloadable Maps

There are several webpages that provide ready compiled maps for Garmin devices. The maps differ in region, use case (auto routing, hiking etc.) and visualization.

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