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OSM Map On Garmin

Some Garmin devices can store POIs (Points of Interest) in addition to the base map. POIs can have custom icons and an optional proximity alert. They can be loaded with the Garmin POILoader, with GPSBabel or with Mass Storage Mode.

Garmin POI files use the suffix .gpi. If your device has a micro sd card, simply switch the device to USB mass storage mode. On Windows, a new drive and on the Mac, a new volume will appear. In the folder named Garmin you'll find a folder named Poi. If not, create them. Then copy all of your gpi files inside the Poi folder. Unmount the device and reboot it. The newly loaded POIs now should be accessible as custom POIs in the Find menu. Hint: do not name any of your custom POI files as poi.gpi as this poi file name is reserved for POIs loaded with Garmin software (like the Garmin POI loader).

SlowRider is able to generate some POIs for your area if desired. See OsmPoiCreator for details.