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Author: J.Bugariu
License: GNU General Public License
Platforms: Windows and Windows Mobile
Status: Unmaintained
Version: 0.2.6 (2011-07-05)
Language: English
Source code:
Programming language: C++

NaviPOWM is planned to become a car navigation software. You can use it on devices running Windows Mobile, Windows and Linux.

The current version is 0.2.6 and it is available at sourceforge:

There is a small WIKI-page with explanations on the site as well:

NaviPOWM can use OSM vector maps (no tiles needed) converted by OSM2POWM.

  • NaviPOWM is planned to be a routing software.
  • NaviPOWM can already show OSM maps in the background converted by OSM2POWM.
  • NaviPOWM can already record GPS data in NMEA format. Have a look at Converting NMEA to GPX when you need GPX-Files. (JOSM and Merkaartor can read NMEA)

Map Downloads

all mapfiles of the planet

Whole Planet and all Countries

Each single MAP-file (1°x1°) is compressed with 7z. You have to extract them before using with NaviPOWM.

  • look at the Mainpage for update status
  • download from HTTP-Server
  • download single files from OSM-map
  • all countries of the whole world are sorted by continent and country. Use wget to load all MAP-files of a country.

NaviPOWM Wiki

Development versions

You can compile your own version from sourcecode.

WinCE with ARM

You can use this precompiled development versions on your own risk. They were tested on the Medion PNA 470.

Runs fine on

Navigon 2510

The navipowm.txt should contain this line: GPSPort = NMEA;serial;COM2:;9600;8;N;1

In order to switch between Navigon-Software and NaviPOWM i've added these lines to the autorunce.mscr:

Choice( "Programmstart","Welches Programm?","Navigator","NaviPOWM")
  Case( 1 )
    Run("\My Flash Disk\NAVIGON\PM.exe")
  Case( 2 )
    Run("\Storage Card\NAviPOWM.exe")
  Case( 0 )

Compatibility List

Official compatibility list can be found on SourceForge:

Runs fine on

  • HTC Artemis (O2 XDA Orbit) (COM4)
  • HTC Touch HD (for zoom function : in file navipowm.txt, "set AutoZoom = OFF" and "ShowZoomButtons = on") (COM4:;9600;8;N;1)
  • Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox n560
  • Medion PDA 150 / MD95000 (same as Yakumo Delta 300) with Windows Mobile 2003 on COM1:
  • Medion PNA (P5430, 470, ...) SerialPort = COM2:;4800;8;N;1
  • Asus MyPal A636
  • Acer m300
  • HP Ipaq rx3715
  • Viamichelin X-960 new edition

Does not run fine on

  • ...

Static navigation

If you want to record tracks by foot or by bike, edit the navipowm.txt file. Set the minimum distance to 4m for bikes, to 1m for walking. 10 is default and works fine for cars. To disable SN in the hardware (GPS chip) you have to use other tools.

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