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Author Christof Meerwald
License GNU General Public License (free of charge)
Platforms Web and Firefox OS
Version 1.3 (2016-01-19)
Languages German, English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
Website https://hikingmaps.cmeerw.net/
Source code http://svn.cmeerw.net/src/HikingMaps/
Programming languages JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

A map application for outdoor enthusiasts that lets you: Track your movements and collect statistics about your hike; Export your track in GPX format; Import routes from GPX files. Supports several map layers (MapQuest and Thunderforest Outdoors with additional layers via user configuration) with offline storage of map data and lets you switch between metric and imperial units.

HikingMaps is a map application for Firefox OS and also runs in the browser, which uses OpenStreetMap as one of the supported map layers. It is made by Christof Meerwald.

A web hosted version for Firefox and Chrome is available at [1]. The project website can be found at [2].