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watchOS is the operating system in the Apple Watch. As a platform for applications, it is very similar to iOS, tvOS, and to a lesser extent macOS. Apple Watch can be used to view OpenStreetMap-based maps. However, due to the extremely small screen size, it is still relatively uncommon for watchOS applications to feature maps.


These applications let you use OpenStreetMap on your Apple Watch:

Application Map Location tracking Search Directions License Price Rating
Gaia GPS yes yes no no Proprietary Free* 4+
The user’s location is plotted on a topographical map. *offline maps requires monthly subscription
Naviki yes yes no yes Proprietary Free 4+
The user’s location and calculated path for navigation is plotted on a vector map.
Offline Topo Maps yes yes no no Proprietary 4+
link looks broken, needs to be corrected or maybe app is no longer available(?)
WorkOutDoors yes yes no no Proprietary $6 USD 4+
Workout app with fully functional offline vector maps.

Libraries for developers

Main article: Frameworks

These libraries make it easier for watchOS developers to create OpenStreetMap-powered applications:

Library Minimum watchOS version Objective-C Swift Interface Builder License Notes
Mapbox Directions for Swift 3.0 no yes no ISC Connects to Mapbox's OSRM-based Directions API
MapboxStatic.swift 2.0 yes yes no BSD Connects to Mapbox’s Static API for static map images.

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