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Apple Maps showing OpenStreetMap data in Islamabad, Pakistan, on iOS 6

 Apple Inc. is an American technology company known for its computers and mobile devices. A wide variety of OpenStreetMap-powered software is available for all four of Apple’s operating system platforms:

  • macOS on desktop and portable computers
  • iOS in smartphones and tablets
  • tvOS in television set-top boxes
  • watchOS in wristwatches

Use of OSM data

In March 2012, Apple made a foray into OpenStreetMap usage when it introduced a version of iPhoto that used OpenStreetMap-based map tiles. Since iOS 6, Apple’s Maps applications have used OpenStreetMap data in some regions where commercial data providers have less extensive coverage.

Map data contributions

Apple's data team contributes to OpenStreetMap's coverage of a number of countries. The team's mapping projects are documented publicly in the Apple Data Projects repository on GitHub. They were added to the list of organised editing activities. A list of projects is also maintained here on the OSM wiki: Organised Editing/Activities/Apple.

Apple also created the Atlas tool for analyzing OpenStreetMap data. For example, Atlas Checks can be used to find potential OSM data issues, such as to create MapRoulette challenges.

Contributions through third parties

Apple also contributes to OSM through other companies with no visible link to Apple:

  • Critigen employs a full-time developer working on the iD editor and runs a twitter account (@osmquality) with regular MapRoulette activities; these activities are fully funded by Apple.
  • Kaart's contributions to OpenStreetMap are also paid for by Apple.
  • Apple has contracted Indian IT companies to have teams work on MapRoulette tasks created by Apple.

This list is probably incomplete.

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