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tvOS is the operating system in Apple’s Apple TV set-top box. As a platform for applications, it is very similar to iOS, watchOS, and to a lesser extent macOS. Apple TV lacks much of the location and gesture input functionality of iOS devices; however, it can still be used to view OpenStreetMap-based maps.


These applications let you use OpenStreetMap on your Apple TV:

Application Map Search Directions License Price Rating
Mappist yes yes no Proprietary $1.99 4+
Interactive world map with support for custom tile servers.
TV Map yes no no Proprietary $2.99 4+
Interactive world map.

Libraries for developers

Main article: Frameworks

These libraries make it easier for tvOS developers to create OpenStreetMap-powered applications:

Library Minimum tvOS version Objective-C Swift Interface Builder License Notes
Mapbox Directions for Swift 10.0 no yes no ISC Connects to Mapbox's OSRM-based Directions API
MapboxStatic.swift 9.0 yes yes no BSD Connects to Mapbox’s Static API for static map images.

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