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Used to mark intentional planting of trees or shrubs maintained for food production Edit or translate this description.
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The tag landuse=orchard is used to mark intentional planting of trees or shrubs maintained for food production, including orchards and similar plantations. Orchards usually comprise fruit or nut-producing trees grown for commercial production.

This tag is also used for tropical plantations of perennial plants used to produce food and beverages, including tea, coffee, banana and oil palm plantations. The tag also applies to fruit and berry gardens, generally synonymous with an orchard, but on a smaller scale and may emphasize berry shrubs in preference to fruit trees.

The tag is not recommended for a garden producing vegetables under some fruit trees when the vegetable production is the main use and the trees are too scarce.

The soil of an orchard can be covered with grass or be naked, but generally worked yearly. The production is gathered.


Draw an area around the orchard or plantation and add the tag landuse=orchard.

Additional tags

  • trees=* - To specify the trees, shrubs, or other plants which comprise the orchard or plantation. This is the most common second level tag and should be the first choice.
  • produce=* - To describe the orchard's output being grown. The tag is particularly helpful in cases where the type of trees is not descriptive enough, e.g. produce=latex from rubber trees, oak trees which can be used to either produce=truffles or produce=cork, or apple plants cultivates as espalier.
  • crop=* - Used by some mappers to describe the orchard's output from a farming perspective.
  • orchard=meadow_orchard - to express lands used as meadow and orchard.


Special uses

Generally landuse=orchard should be used for trees and shrubs that produce food. Use landuse=forest for trees grown primarily for their wood. landuse=farmland covers tillage and cropland. Some plants that are not grown for fruit or nut might also be considered under orchard: oaks grown for truffles or cork, oil palms for industrial palm oil and biodiesel, and rubber trees.

Incorrect uses

  • A tree nursery should not be mapped using this tag.
  • The tag is not used for a forest with predominance of producing trees.[1] Such forest might be tagged using landuse=forest + leaf_type=broadleaved/needleleaved/mixed + something saying the production (e.g., produce=*).
  • Vineyards are tagged as landuse=vineyard.

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  1. E.g., Maple for syrup in Canada, Maritime Pine for turpentine in France