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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = orchard
Used to mark intentional planting of trees or shrubs maintained for food production
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An orchard is an intentional planting of trees or shrubs maintained for food production. Orchards comprise fruit or nut-producing trees grown for commercial production.

The tag can also apply to a fruit garden, generally synonymous with an orchard, although it is set on a smaller non-commercial scale and may emphasize berry shrubs in preference to fruit trees.

The tag cannot be used for a garden producing vegetables under some fruit trees when the vegetable production is the main use and the trees are too scarce.

The soil of an orchard can be covered with grass or be naked, but generally worked yearly. The production is gathered.


Additional tags

  • trees=* - List of trees and berry shrubs
  • produce=*, optional

(Proposal) In addition of the trees tag, when the name of the tree is not enough:


Special uses

Generally landuse=orchard should be used for trees that produce fruit. Use landuse=forest for trees grown primarily for their wood and landuse=plantation for fruit bushes and ground plants. landuse=farmland covers any plants for general food production. Some plants that are not grown for fruit or nut might also be considered under orchard: oaks grown for truffles or cork, oil palms for industrial palm oil and biodiesel. The case of willow plantations grown for wicker is less understood. We need more information on cultivation practice. Growing methods are similar, but we are unsure how wicker is gathered. Is the whole plant cut or only part (branches)?

The use of the second level tag produce=* is recommended.

Special species list
  • Oaks for truffles
  • Oaks for cork

Rejected uses

  • A tree nursery could not be mapped using this tag.
  • The tag cannot be used for a forest with predominance of producing trees.[1] Such forest could be tagged using landuse=forest + leaf_type=broadleaved/needleleaved/mixed + something saying the production (e.g., produce=*).


Main pattern

  • Orchard.png A renderer could render the area with green dots on brown background.

Specific patterns

Four renderings of orchards with an alternative rendering of the vineyard Orchard.png     Orchard with unknown trees Apple trees.png     Apple trees Cherry trees.png     Cherry trees Hazelnut trees.png     Hazels Vineyard.png     vineyard

More accurate renderers could render, according to what they implement, green symbols on brown background. E.g.,

  • Apple trees.png Apple trees
  • Cherry trees.png Cherry trees
  • Hazelnut trees.png Hazels
  • Orange tree proposal.PNG Orange trees

Suggestions for creating a new pattern

  • All the patterns are 24×24 px
  • The background color is of landuse=farmland: #E6DDD0
  • The leaves color is of landuse=forest: #B1CB9D
  • The fruit shape is about 9 px diameter centered: once at 6px,6px, once at 18px, 18px (top-left : 0px, 0px)

See also


  1. E.g., Maple for syrup in Canada, Maritime Pine for turpentine in France