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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = orchard
Используется, чтобы пометить специальные посадки деревьев или кустарников для поддержания производства продуктов питания Edit or translate this description.
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Группа: Landuse
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Сад - это специальные посадки деревьев или кустарников для поддержания производства продуктов питания. Сады включают фруктовые или ореховые деревья, выращенные для коммерческого производства. [1]

The tag can also apply to a fruit garden, generally synonymous with an orchard, although it is set on a smaller non-commercial scale and may emphasize berry shrubs in preference to fruit trees."

The tag cannot be used for a garden producing vegetables under some fruit trees when the vegetable production is the main use and the trees are too scarce.

The soil of an orchard can be covered with grass or be naked, but generally worked yearly. The production is gathered.

Список деревьев и ягодных кустарников

Bellow is a list of some possible species [2]. You can enrich this list by adding local names of the trees. It would be helpfull for no/poor-English speaking mappers. Before adding a tree, you must propose it on the talk page. Note that the plural is used.

Tropical areas
  • banana plants
fr: bananiers - es: bananal
  • cacao
  • coconut palms
fr: cocotiers - es: cocotal
  • coffea
fr: caféiers - es: cafetal
  • Durian
  • Guava
  • mango trees
  • Papaya
pt: mamão
  • Rambutan
  • tea plants
fr: théiers
Subtropical areas
  • avocado
fr: avocatiers - es: aguacates
  • Custard apple
  • date palms
fr: palmiers datiers - es: palmeras datileras
  • lemon trees
fr: citroniers - es: limonar
  • Lychee
  • Mandarin
  • olives (olive grove)
fr: oliviers - es: olivar - pt: azeitona
  • Orange tree proposal.PNG orange trees
fr: orangers - es: naranjal - pt: laranja
  • Macadamia
Temperate areas
  • almond trees
fr: amandiers - es: almendral
  • Apple trees.png apple trees
de: Apfelbaum - es: manzanos - fr: pommiers - it: meli - pt: maçã
  • apricot trees
fr: abricotiers - es: albaricoques
  • bayberry
  • blackberry
  • blueberry
  • Cherry trees.png cherry trees
de: Kirschbaum - fr: cerisiers - es: cerezos - pt: cereja
  • chestnut trees
es: castaños
  • cranberry
  • Ginkgo
  • Governor's plum
  • Hazelnut trees.png hazels
de: Haselnuss - fr: noisettiers - es: avellanos
  • peach trees
fr: pêchers - es: melocotoneros
  • pear trees
fr: poiriers - es: perales
  • Pecan
  • Persimmon tree
  • plum tree
fr: pruniers - es: ciruelos - pt: ameixa
  • Raspberry
es: frambueseros
  • Sand pear
  • walnut trees
fr: noyers - es: nogales

Special Uses

As exceptions, some tree plantations can be tagged as orchard in OSM, although they don't produce fruit nor nut : tree plantations of oaks for truffles or cork are examples of such specific uses.

The case of willow plantation for wicker is not fixed. We need more information on cultivation practice. Cultural practices are closed the previous cases. The question is about the gather. Is the whole plant cut or only part (branches) ?

The use of the second level tag produce=* is recommended.

Special species list
  • oaks for truffles
  • oaks for cork

Rejected Uses

  • A Tree nursery could not be mapped using this tag..
  • The tag cannot be used for a forest with predominance of producing trees [3]. Such forest could be tagged using landuse=forest + wood=coniferous/deciduous/mixed/shrubs + someting saying the production (e.g. produce=*).


Основной тег

Дополнительные теги

As we are mapping what is on the ground, the value should be the name of the trees and not of the production. E.g.
In addition of the trees tag, when the name of the tree is not enough :

Другие теги

fruit is a simple tag for the species produced within this orchard. This is a private suggestion by me, added on Oct 25, and not covered by the voting below, but it sounds logical and I wish that some renderers include it into their mapping procedure. --FK270673 14:42, 25 October 2009 (UTC)
Should be produce=* FrViPofm 14:16, 30 October 2009 (UTC)


Main Pattern

  • A renderer could render the area with green dots on brown background. Orchard.png

Specific Patterns

Four renderings of orchards with an alternative rendering of the vineyard Orchard.png     Orchard with unkwnown trees Apple trees.png     Apple trees Cherry trees.png     Cherry trees Hazelnut trees.png     Hazels Vineyard.png     vineyard
  • More accurate renderers could render, according to what they implement, green symbols on brown background. E.g.
    • Apple trees Apple trees.png
    • Cherry trees Cherry trees.png
    • Hazels Hazelnut trees.png
    • Orange trees Orange tree proposal.PNG

Suggestions for creating a new pattern

  • All the patterns are 24x24 px
  • The background color is of landuse=field : #E6DDD0
  • The leaves color is of landuse=forest : #B1CB9D
  • The fruit shape is about 9 px diameter centered : once at 6px,6px, once at 18px, 18px (top-left : 0px, 0px)


Список литературы

  1. based on en.wikipedia orchard
  2. Sources : en.wikipedia Orchard, fr.wikipedia Verger
  3. e.g. Maple for syrup in Canada, Maritime Pine for turpentine in France