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Public-images-osm logo.svg orchard = meadow_orchard
Stift Neuburg Streuobstwiese.JPG
Orchard with fruit variety on a meadow Edit or translate this description.
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Used to specify the type of orchard that has a variety of fruit trees, often of different age, planted in a meadow, from which the hay can be harvested in addition to the fruit crop. Such variety opposes monoculture.

It is common in German-speaking countries, see ( Streuobstwiese)

How to map

Draw a way around the area of the meadow, tag landuse=orchard and specify the type with orchard=meadow_orchard.

Alternative tagging

While this subtagging landuse=orchard is the most popular version, some mappers focus on the meadow as the primary landuse, which is sensible when there are very few fruit trees on a large meadow:


Rare tagging


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