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Refinement for fruit trees and shrubs in orchards. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Natural
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Status: approvedPage for proposal


This key trees=* is used as refinement for fruit trees, shrubs or plants in a landuse=orchard.


As we are mapping what is on the ground, the value should be the name of the trees and not of the production. E.g.,



Bellow is a list of some possible species. Before adding a value, you should propose it on the talk page.
Note that the plural is used, usually on the form NNN_trees, NNN_palms or NNN_plants.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
Tropical areas
trees banana_plants node banana plant Banana three in Réunion.jpg
trees cacao_trees node cacao (chocolate) trees Matadecacao.jpg
trees coconut_palms node coconut tree Cocos nucifera crown.jpg
trees coffea_plants node coffee plant Coffea racemosa00.jpg
trees durian_trees node durian tree
trees guava_trees node guava tree
trees jabuticaba_trees node jabuticaba tree
trees longan_trees node longan tree
trees mango_trees node mango tree
trees oil_palms node oil palms Oilpalm malaysia.jpg
trees papaya_trees node papaya tree Papaya tree DRC.jpg
trees pineapple_plants node pineapple plant Del Monte Pineapple field at Camp Philips, Bukidnon, Philippines 03.jpg
trees rambutan_trees node rambutan tree Rambutan masak didahan.JPG
trees soursop_trees node soursop tree Annona muricata 1.jpg
trees tamarind_trees node tamarind tree Tamarindus indica, leaves, pod.jpg
Subtropical areas
trees agave_plants node agave plant - but trees=tequila_agave is more common
trees avocado_trees node avocado tree
trees cherimoya_trees node cherimoya tree
trees date_palms node date palm Phoenix dactylifera1.jpg
trees fig_trees node fig tree
trees jujube_trees node Jujube tree
trees lemon_trees node lemon tree
trees lychee_trees node lychee tree
trees macadamia_trees node macadamia tree
trees mandarin_trees node mandarin tree
trees mate_plants node mate plant
trees olive_trees node olive tree Olivares de la campiña estepeña.jpg
trees orange_trees node orange tree Orange tree proposal.PNG Florida orange grove.JPG
trees pitaya_plants node pitaya plant
trees pomegranate_trees node pomegranate tree
trees sapodilla_trees node sapodilla tree
trees tea_plants node tea plant Cameron Highland Tea Plantation 2012.JPG
Temperate areas
trees almond_trees node almond tree Ametllesjuliol.jpg
trees apple_trees node apple tree Apple trees.png Purple prince crabapple tree.JPG
trees apricot_trees node apricot tree Apricot and cross section.jpg
trees blackberry node blackberry Wild Blackberries.jpg
trees blueberry_plants node blueberry bushes PattsBlueberries.jpg
trees cherry_trees node cherry tree Cherry trees.png Cherry orchard - - 4704.jpg
trees chestnut_trees node chestnut tree Chestnuts02.jpg
trees hop_plants node hop plants see also crop=hop + landuse=farmland Hopfengarten.jpg
trees hazel_plants node hazel plant Hazelnut trees.png Corylus avellana 0001.JPG
trees mulberry_trees node mulberry Morus alba FrJPG.jpg
trees peach_trees node peach tree Illustration Prunus persica0.jpg
trees pear_trees node pear tree Pears.jpg
trees pecan_trees node pecan tree Carya illinoinensis.jpg
trees persimmon_trees node persimmon tree Persimmons yamagata 2005-10.JPG
trees pistachio_trees node pistachio tree Pistacchio di Bronte.jpg
trees plum_trees node plum tree Prunus domestica, Agde 01.jpg
trees raspberry node raspberry Malina.jpg
trees sand_pear node nashi or sand pear Nashi pear.jpg
trees walnut_trees node walnut tree Noyer centenaire en automne.JPG

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