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The Amazon Kindle is a type of mobile device. Its primarily and e-book reader, but there are some ways to get OpenStreetMap onto the Kindle.

Kindle Maps

Mapper Rorym used to sell OSM maps optimized for use on the Kindle, but the website where one was supposed to be able to learn more is dead:


The Kindle can also show normal websites including our maps:


The screen is black 'n' white (16 greyscales) The maps look a bit low contrast.

The OpenLayers javascript runs OK.

CloudMade 'fine line' style offers better contrast. Although dragging doesn't work on that site

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD are tablets running Android. However it is a customised version of Android, which does not include Google Play as standard. Instead it has the Amazon Appstore, which does include some apps for OpenStreetMap maps such as the MapsWithMe offline map viewer. Other apps such as Vespucci can be installed by side-loading an APK file, or via the f-droid repository.

The Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE is the only model with GPS built in.