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KaiOS is a Linux-based operating system for smart feature phones like the Nokia 6300 4G, 8000 4G, 2720 Flip, 8110 4G and outdoor phones like the CAT B35 or Nokia 800 Tough. It's made by KaiOS Technologies Inc. It's a fork of the no longer maintained Firefox OS.

For general information about the OS, see KaiOS on Wikipedia.



Name delta.map o.map Topo Map
OpenStreetMap DeltaMapExample.png Image-1.png Topo Map.png
Website Website Website
Genre Maps, Tile server Display, Logger
Description Webapp for KaiOS using OSM Tile Server and other OSM-Based Tiles with other utilities such as Weather, Geolocation, GeoJSON, and more!. O.Map is an openstreetmap app for KaiOs, it is a good companion for your next outdoor adventure. Free topographic map with hill shading and contour lines based on OpenStreetMap (osm). It features routes for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skiing slopes and shows the current weather (clouds and rain).
Supported platforms KaiOS KaiOS KaiOS
Release date 2021-08-12 2020-01-12
Languages English English English
Author Delta Applications / LolloDev5123 strukturart Florian Jesse
Price free of charge free of charge free of charge
Source code </> </> </>

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