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Novam ( ) was a tool to display information about UK bus stops in OSM. It was developed to help with the import of the NaPTAN data. The tool displayed bus stops in different colours on a map to help spotting unverified bus stops from the NaPTAN import and bus stops which are not correctly tagged.


  • Novam supports different colour schemes to highlight different aspects of the bus stop data and to cater for differences in the information displayed on bus stop signs throughout the country. New colour schemes can easily be added. If you interested, have a look at the file Schemes.js in which all colour schemes are defined.
  • Novam uses Nominatim to for the top-left search box.
  • Novam does not manage its own database but uses the XAPI-Interface to the Overpass API.


Aside from the fact that it is no longer working at all!... these bugs were listed previously:

  • Novam is probably not working in Internet Explorer 6.
  • If bus stops edited while they are visible in Novam then panning of the map so that these stops will remain visible will cause in duplicates being added. Zooming out and back in again or panning fully away and back to the area solves this problem.

Source Code

The current online version of NOVAM relies on xapi to retrieve bus stops instead of its own database. This code javascript-only and can be found on github (with the interesting code being under novam/scripts)

There is also an older version of Novam which is mostly Javascript based on OpenLayers combined with a small Pylons based server side framework. The old version is tag as last-version-with-backend.