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The essential(?) webpage of this service seems to be not available anymore. Also see talk page section. --Aseerel4c26 (talk) 09:36, 5 February 2016 (UTC)

The mapJumper by FrViPofm is a combination of a bookmarklet and a web page to jump from a map server to an other, keeping the same parameters (lat, lon, zoom). The service exists as bookmarklet integrated in your toolbar, and a page ; hub that leads you in two clicks to the desired map.

Up to 40 services are available in two clicks with the mapJumper, centered, zoomed like the map you are looking.




A very light version of mapJumper gives you an easy way to go to the mapJumper hub.

Simply paste the code above in a bookmark :

javascript:(function(){var mJ={_:['','&'],o:['','B000FTF'],ol:['','B0TTT'],'?' };mJ.$p=prompt('Choose:\n_:%20mapJumper hub\no:%20OpenStreetMap\nol:%20OpenLinkMap\n?:%20search');mJ.$=mJ[/^[_\w]+/.exec(mJ.$p)];mJ.$_='http://'+mJ.$[0]+'?'+/zoom=[0-9]+/.exec(mJ.$_)+'&'+(mJ.$[2]?mJ.$[2]:'lat')+/lat(=[-\.0-9]+)/.exec(mJ.$_)[1]+'&'+(mJ.$[3]?mJ.$[3]:'lon')+/(lon|lng)(=[-\.0-9]+)/.exec(mJ.$_)[2]+'&layers='+mJ.$[1];if(/[^_\w]/.exec(mJ.$p)){void(open(mJ.$_))}else{document.location=mJ.$_}})();
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  1. Go to the mapJumper builder [ dead link ]
  2. Drag the mJLite bookmarklet to your toolbar.

By selecting your mJLite, you will be led, in a new window or tab, to the mapJumper hub where you can chose your destination map centered, zoomed like the previous.

mapJumper Installation


To get the full power of mapJumper, you can build your bookmarklet

  1. Go to the mapJumper builder [ dead link ]
  2. Chose a theme and/or select the services. The Javascript is made instantaneously.
  3. Drag the mapJumper bookmarklet to your toolbar.
  4. Enjoy.
  • On your personal page, if you use the User box:fr or User box you can tell the number of servers in your mapjumper by adding a line : | mapJumper=N (e.g : "| mapJumper=8", see : User:FrViPofm edit)

Using the mapJumper

  1. On a map with a valid url ([&...] ) chose your 'mapJumper bookmarklet in your bookmarks.
  2. In the dialog, choose the server by taping its shortcut (e.g: o for the entry must be 1 or 2 lower case letters.
  3. By adding a + to the shortcut (eg o+), the destintation map will be open in a new window (in a new tab according to your browser setting).
    The mapJumper hub (see bellow) is available in your bookmarklet with the shortcut '_'.
  4. Validate. The Cancel button ... cancels.
  5. Enjoy


  • The bookmarklet don't test the validity of the url.
  • Click on a "permalink" before the jump to have the current coordinates in the url..



The mapJumper hub is a web page for jumping to a map. When call with valid parameters (lat, lon, zoom), the hub propose you a big selection of maps and services. By clicking on one of them, you jump to the map.

The hub can be call with a link or with the mapJumper bookmarklet, by taping the _ shortcut. So all the servers in mapJumper, even those not present in your bookmarklet are availabale in one click.

A set of button permit a preselection of maps by theme.

The list of servers is updated in real time from the list bellow.


This table shows all the services available for building your bookmarklet or for jumping using the hub.

All the services bellow must be linked to the OpenStreetMap project.

Service letter note zone themes
mapJumper _ mapJumper online world 'no more vavailable

accessibility, address, export, game, import, leisure, pois, routing, survey, transport '

amenity editor ae Edit existing or create new POIs. world survey,pois

arcor motorrad am POIs world leisure,pois

openstreetbugs b Error reporting world Haiti,survey

brunner:max bc max: height, speed, weight world routing,survey

bicycle access ba leisure world leisure,survey

Best of OSM bo significant places for OSM world leisure

BMO:floating islands bf post-import BMO floating roads world import,survey

BMO:tag Name bmt post-import BMO roads tags name world import,survey

Bing tiles bt Information on Bing tiles world import,survey

cloudmade c carte CloudMade world leisure,routing

cloudmade:adresses ca available adresses world address

duplicated nodes cd Duplicated nodes. world survey

dentro:speed ds max speed world routing,transport

Eleanor mine em pipelines FI,NO,SE survey,transport

flightgear fg FlightGear Landcover world leisure

gemedeplace gm transports & mobilité world transport

geo tools gw shadowed map & tools EU leisure,survey

Hike & Bike hb Hike and Bike map shadowed world leisure

Zvenzzon damages hd Haiti Zvenzzon damages HA Haiti

Zvenzzon fixme hf Haiti Zvenzzon fixme HA Haiti

Haiti tile-server ht Haiti : map & aero HA Haiti

Hitchwiki hw autostop world leisure

3D map i3 Isometric 3D map CZ R&D

inspector.geofabrik:addresses ia analyse des adresses
no permalink
world address

inspector.geofabrik:geometry ig analyse des chemins world import

keepright k correction d'erreurs EU survey

öpnvkarte ka public transport world transport

karbukoo kk fuel price FR leisure,transport l8 limites de communes (admin_level=8) EU import lh highways:noname,noref EU routing,survey

map.meurisse m length computation world leisure

mobile map mm Map optimized for mobile devices 320x240 world leisure,transport

NOVAM na post-import NaPTAN UK import,survey,transport

no-name nn no-name Cloudmade layer world survey

OpenStreetMap o mapnik sur OSM world export,leisure,routing,survey

OpenStreetMap pointer o_ pointer on OSM world leisure,routing

openstreetbrowser ob POI’s map world leisure,pois

opencyclemap oc carte cycliste world leisure,routing

OpenStreetMap edit oe edit on Potlatch world pois,survey

openlinkmap ol links and wikipedia world leisure

openpistemap op carte pistes world leisure

OSM Trace Matrix oq Matrix of quality mapping world Haiti

freietonne seekarte or river maps world leisure,water

OpenSeaMap os Nautical chart world Sailing, motor boating, diving, canoeing, fishing

photosm po osm photos mashup world leisure,survey

osmose r erreurs world survey

geodesy rc geodesic marks FR import,survey

osmose:post-import rp post-import CLC FR import,survey

rfc822:hgv rh hvg & max limits world routing ri Refuges info world leisure,pois

rollstuhl routing rr Routing accessible world accessibility, routing

openrouteservice rs Routing world Haiti,routing

renevier:water rw drinking water FR leisure,pois

sautter s Google aero & OSM mapnik world Haiti,routing,survey

static map sm world export,survey

lonvia hiking sh Hiking Map world leisure

OpenTopoMap ot Open Topo Map world leisure

toposm Colorado tc relief map US/CO leisure

tiger.fixup tf TIGER import suvey US import,survey

Topo Wanderreitkarte tg Topo map for hiking and riding DE,CH,,AT,IT,SLO,KR,BE leisure

transport LatLon tl Public transport world transport

toposm Massachusetts tm relief map US/MA leisure

urls & wikipedia u urls & wikipedia layer US game,leisure

blindmap vb Visual map for the blind world accessibility,pois,survey

wheelchairmap wc Map for wheelchair drivers world accessibility,pois,survey

virtuelle-loipe vl Restriction Analyser world routing,survey

OpenWandelKaart wk Walking map of Benelux Benelux leisure

walking papers wp Printing map world export,Haiti,pois,survey

your navigation yo navigation service from centered of map world routing

OpenGastroMap ga Restaurants + hotels with/without smoking permission world leisure

PostBoxGuesstimator pb Find areas where post boxes are not yet mapped. DE pois,survey

Stolpersteine-Karte st Map showing Stolpersteine ("stumbling blocks") (see cor. wikipedia article) DE pois,survey

Parking Map pk Map showing parking areas and parkings along the streets (parking:lane tag) world transport, survey, routing

Map Compare mc Compare different maps (also google vs osm) world survey

Italy map - GFOSS rendering mc Italy rendering IT survey

BuioMetria Partecipativa bmp Displays darkness of the sky measured with Sky Quality Meter. See: world survey

OpenOrienteeringMap oo OSM based orienteering map world survey

Bilingual Thailand and South-East-Asia th Bilingual rendering of Thailand (and full territory of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei) Asia leisure, pois, survey

Add a server

| name = name of the service
| shortcut = n
| url =
| layers = B0T
| desc = description
| theme = theme
  • Edit the list of services ->
  • Add the code above at the bottom of the list
  • Update the parameters
name of the service
one or two lower case letter. Must not be already used by an other service.
url , 'warning don't enter "http://"" nor parameters
B0T, list of openLayers layers to be displayed, or other parameters (e.g &styleId=1)
description, be concise !
coma separated list of themes among accessibility address game import leisure pois routing survey transport (ask before creating an new theme)
(optional) key for the longitude parameter. Default lon, lng for the Cloudemade' url style
(optional) other information
(optional) zone covered by the service. Default world, e.g EU

List available

The list of map services is available for other uses in raw format easy to parse


Use the talk page. Thanks.


Public domain, with one restriction : the code can be reused only in the scope of the Openstreetmap project.


Bookmarklet Improvements

  • bug on mapJumperBuilder : not building correct code. corrected error in mapjumper.js, bad search string. FrViPofm 12:54, 19 January 2010 (UTC)
  • + mJLite FrViPofm 21:47, 12 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Compatible mlat & mlon for OpenStreetMap pointer FrViPofm 17:11, 12 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Variable protection FrViPofm 10:46, 5 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Compatible mapJumper shortcut '_' FrViPofm 22:44, 20 September 2009 (UTC)
  • Compatible Cloudemade (lng) FrViPofm 22:58, 17 September 2009 (UTC)
  • Multichar shortcuts FrViPofm 22:08, 14 September 2009 (UTC)
  • Added + option for new window. FrViPofm 19:52, 14 September 2009 (UTC)

Web page improvements

  • + stats (version alpha) FrViPofm 10:02, 23 December 2009 (UTC)
  • draggable bookmarklet FrViPofm 21:45, 12 December 2009 (UTC)
  • + Hub FrViPofm 22:44, 10 October 2009 (UTC)
  • Yann report. FrViPofm 09:07, 19 November 2009 (UTC)
    • removed console calls blocking when firebug is note enabled.
    • spelling.


javascript:(function(){var mJ={_:['','&'],o:['','B000FTF'],ol:['','B0TTT'],'?' };mJ.$p=prompt('Choose:\n_:%20mapJumper hub\no:%20OpenStreetMap\nol:%20OpenLinkMap\n?:%20search');mJ.$=mJ[/^[_\w]+/.exec(mJ.$p)];mJ.$_='http://'+mJ.$[0]+'?'+/zoom=[0-9]+/.exec(mJ.$_)+'&'+(mJ.$[2]?mJ.$[2]:'lat')+/lat(=[-\.0-9]+)/.exec(mJ.$_)[1]+'&'+(mJ.$[3]?mJ.$[3]:'lon')+/(lon|lng)(=[-\.0-9]+)/.exec(mJ.$_)[2]+'&layers='+mJ.$[1];if(/[^_\w]/.exec(mJ.$p)){void(open(mJ.$_))}else{document.location=mJ.$_}})();

Javascript code commented

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