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Available languages — Track drawing websites
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This is a list of websites that can be used for drawing or sharing tracks or routes on an OpenStreetMap based map.

website OSM maps other maps OSM routing import / upload export / download embedding (note!)
uMap Mapnik, OpenCycleMap, many others no no GeoJSON, KML, GPX, CSV GeoJSON yes
OpenRouteService Mapnik, OpenMapSurfer, OSM-WMS,others yes yes GPX GPX, KML, GeoJSON yes
MapBBCode Share Mapnik, OpenMapSurfer, CycleMap Bing Satellite no GPX, KML, GeoJSON, CSV etc. GPX, KML, GeoJSON, HTML etc. yes (create track) Mapnik, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest, Sigma Cycle, Sigma Topo, Hike Bike Map, Waymarked Trails overlays Esri, Google, Here yes GPX, TCX, KML etc GPX, TCX, KML etc yes
Gmaps Pedometer Mapnik, OpenCycleMap Google, USGS no no GPX ? OpenCycleMap Google, Ordnance Survey (GB) yes - Cloudmade (car, bike, foot) GPX, TCX, KML GPX, TCX, KML ?
Show Your Journey Mapnik no no GPX, KML, GeoJSON GPX, KML yes (see wiki page)
Pifpafpuf cycleroutes (not maintained, but still works) Mapnik, Mapnik-DE, OpenCycleMap no no GPX GPX ?
mobilemap Mapnik, OpenCycleMap, Hike&Bike Landsat no GPX no ? Mapnik, OpenCycleMap Google yes GPX, KML GPX yes
Ride With GPS Mapnik, OpenCycleMap Google, ESRI Topo, USGS Topo yes (car, bike, foot) GPX, TCX, FIT, KML GPX, TCX, KML ?
Garmin Connect Open MapQuest Google, Bing yes GPX, TCX, FIT, Garmin device GPX, TCX, KML ?
WikiLoc; Wikiloc Mapnik, OpenCycleMap Google, World Relief Map ?? GPX, Garmin device GPX, KML ?
MapMyRun/walk/etc. Mapnik, OpenCycleMap Google, Yes GPX, Garmin device GPX, KML ?
TrackProfiler Mapnik no no GPX, Garmin, OziExplorer, KML GPX, KML, GPX-route yes
Strava [1] Mapbox Standard, Mapbox Terrain Mapbox Satellite Yes GPX, TCX, FIT, Garmin device etc GPX, TCX ? Mapnik no no no GPX, KML, CSV no OpenCycleMap, OpenMapSurfer Earth, Relief, Weather, editable route instructions yes (combine car, bike, foot, openflight segments) GPX GPX (Garmin route) no Mapnik, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest Google, IGN France no (only Google routing - car, bike, foot) GPX, TCX, KML, KMZ, TRK, Garmin device GPX, KML, TRK, RTE yes
Rugo Map Mapnik, Stamen ESRI no GPX no Mapnik, OpenTopoMap, OpenCycleMap, Outdoors Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. (+ any custom tile layer) no GPX, KML, OziExplorer GPX, KML no

This list is probably incomplete, more websites could be added.

If you embed a map with a track/route into another website, please comply to the individual usage policy of the service. Also note that many services do not use their own map tile server but use's, so complying to's tile usage policy is needed (just a small amount of donated resources is available!). That is important especially if your site is not just a small personal homepage but generates much traffic – a screenshot might be a workaround. Please also respect OpenStreetMap's copyright requirements (some of the services listed here may include a correct attribution already).

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