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This tool converts a list of events (with time stamps) and a GPX trace to a list of GPX way points. This may then be loaded into an editor such as JOSM. This may be useful for audio mapping if the audio is transcribed into a text file. Linear interpolation is used to find positions between GPX track samples.

Note that JOSM includes a function to play back continuous audio tracks that are synchronised with a GPX track. Alternatively, Gps Event Sync operates independently of JOSM and can convert any timed events with GPX track to a series of GPX waypoints.

The list of events takes this form:

0:11 Saunders Street, one way
0:29 Time is 14:44:57
0:36 R Fox street (road split behind me)
0:46 R Arden Street
1:01 L St Georges Road
1:13 R Skinner Street
1:19 L St Marys Road
1:42 ON Saunders Street, one way

The first line represents the start time and all other times are relative to this.

The trace and output are standard GPX files.

The software is written in C++, it utilises the expat library and runs on linux or windows. A user would need an understanding of simple command line usage. The software is released under the BSD license.

Version 0.1

Source code (linux needs to be compiled from source)

Windows binary


ges trace.gpx events.txt [output.gpx]

trace.gpx - The GPX track taken over the same time period as the event list

events.txt - List of events and times.

output.gpx - Way points with each event tagged with a position.