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A GPS track (also called a GPS trace) is a file containing one or more lines consisting of trackpoints.

GPS tracks may be used for:


GPS tracks can be recorded with your smartphone (see Android apps and iOS apps), or alternatively with a dedicated GPS device.

For more information see Recording GPS tracks.


The following websites let you display GPS tracks without having to create an account:

Name License MIT[1]
GPS Visualizer Proprietary

GPS tracks can also be displayed offline with the following software:


The following tools can be used to generate static images from GPX tracks:

The following tools can be used to generate a video from GPX tracks:


See Edit GPS tracks.

Converting file formats

GPS tracks can be stored in various file formats such as GPX, KML, GeoJSON or FIT.

You can convert between these formats with GPSBabel or an online tool such as For more information see Convert GPS tracks.