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GPXSee screenshot.png
Author: Martin Tůma
License: GNU General Public License (free of charge)
Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android
Status: Active
Version: 13.19 (2024-04-20)
Languages: Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, English, Esperanto, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Chinese
Source code: tumic0/GPXSee
Programming language: C++

GPS log file viewer and analyzer

GPXSee is a Qt-based application for visualizing and analyzing GPS log files.


  • Opens GPX, TCX, KML, FIT, IGC, NMEA, SIGMA SLF, Suunto SML, LOC, CUP, GeoJSON, OziExplorer (PLT, RTE, WPT), Garmin GPI & CSV, TomTom OV2 & ITN, ONmove OMD/GHP, TwoNav (TRK, RTE, WPT), GPSDump WPT and geotagged JPEG files.
  • User-definable online maps (OSM/Google tiles, WMTS, WMS, TMS, QuadTiles).
  • Offline maps (MBTiles, OziExplorer maps, TrekBuddy maps/atlases, Garmin IMG/GMAP & JNX maps, TwoNav RMaps, KMZ maps, AlpineQuest AQM maps, Locus/OsmAnd/RMaps SQLite maps, Mapsforge maps, QCT maps, GEMF maps, Osmdroid SQLite maps, Orux maps, BSB charts, ENC charts, GeoTIFF images, ESRI World-File georeferenced images).
  • Elevation, speed, heart rate, cadence, power, temperature and gear ratio/shifts graphs.
  • Support for multiple tracks in one view.
  • Support for DEM files (SRTM HGT).
  • Support for POI files.
  • Print and export to PNG/PDF.
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android builds.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • HiDPI/Retina displays & maps support.
  • Real-time GPS position.