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Author: Björn Rehm
License: MIT License (free of charge)
Platform: Linux
Version: 1.1 (2016-02-28)
Languages: German and English
Website: http://florb.shugaa.de
Source code: https://www.github.com/shugaa/florb
Programming language: C++

A simple map viewer and GPX editor


florb is a really simple map viewer and GPX editor written in C++ using the FLTK UI toolkit. florb makes it easy to create and edit tracks for planning short and extended trips into the wild green. Or anywhere else for that matter.


  • User configurable tile servers (e.g. OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and many others)
  • Automatic map dowloading
  • Tile cache with metadata storage (expiration date)
  • Map overlay support
  • GPSd support incl. track recording
  • GPX import and export
  • Editing of existing GPX tracks
  • Creating new GPX tracks through simple point and click
  • Up- and download tracks to and from Garmin devices
  • Places search (OSM Nominatim)
  • Bulk tile download
  • View elevation profile for complete track or selected waypoints
  • Localization support (German translation)