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Free and Open-source hardware (FOSH/OSH) is a concept not unlike free/libre open-source software (FLOSS/FOSS). Many of the licenses that apply to open-source software also apply to hardware design files (such as the GPL). These files may be 3D-printable models, circuit-board designs, or a process that describes how to reproduce hardware, all under a free license. OSH may also liberate the firmware (FW) or communication protocol between the hardware (HW) and the software (SW). As a result, FOSH is a term that implies that information about the hardware, as well as any relevant FOSS components, is easily discerned so that others can make it. Wiki

Open-source hardware has broad implications for OpenStreetMap because most of the data that is used to produce geometry relies on a central authority. This may include data from GPS satellites and aerial imagery. By allowing the user to reproduce the hardware necessary for collecting data, our project may broaden its depth and breadth of data collection, as well as accuracy and precision of data quality. Hardware designs may enable armchair mappers to delegate some of the most tedious tasks to a survey workflow, thereby revitalising the entire mapping process.


You may find the source attached to the JPEG thumbnail of an image. Downloads and contributions are welcome.

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