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See the list of available software or other possibilities of using OSM.

This article tries to collect and list online applications making use of the OSM data. Feel free to add applications you stumble upon or that you developed yourself.

This page tries to collect more or less mature applications that are user-oriented.

As the list grows we will try to group the applications according to their approaches and/or intentions.

Mapping helpers

  • Keep right! (Data Consistency Checks for OSM) shows up to 100 errors in the centre of any given map area inside of Europe with a rather good indication of the type of error and hints to resolve them.
  • Keep right! is also providing data consistency checks for Australia & New Zealand.
  • ITO OSM Mapper provides a way to follow changes in a defined area. It requires separate registration.
  • OSM Inspector is another page that provides data quality information and has different overlays.

Comparing maps

Track collectors

Main article: track drawing websites
  • GPSies lets you create, collect, and publish tracks for walking, running, hiking, cycling etc. It's making use of several map suppliers. To use OSM, select OpenStreetMap in the dropdown at the upper right corner of the map area.
  • Bike Route Toaster - lets you plot tracks/routes on OSM maps and cyclemap. Includes routing on OSM maps, by car/bike/foot.
  • mobilemap - Overlays GPX tracks over OSM maps, including mapnik, osmarender, opencyclemap, hike&bike map as well as landsat imagery.
  • Gmaps Pedometer - plot routes on maps, Google Maps by default, has the option of OSM maps.
  • Cycle Maps - record routes using Gps, plot routes on maps, using OpenCycleMap.
  • GpxPod - Nextcloud application to display/explore GPX files collection over a Leaflet map with MarkerCluster plugin to keep it pretty even if there is a huge number of tracks. It includes two ways to compare tracks : by global stats values and graphically if the tracks have common and divergent parts.


A full routing application list is also available.

Map Information Browsers

  • OpenStreetBrowser lets you find almost every detail that has been mapped into the OSM database like hotels, tourism, etc.
  • ÖPNV-Karte shows lines of providers of public transportation (rail, tram, bus, etc.)


  • Cloudmade style editor provides a way to customise rendering rules. It is in a closed beta right now.
  • Pitstop Finder shows food, gas, banks/ATMs, and shops along your current route or nearby. (iOS, USA only currently)
  • GpxVid - Desktop software to follow a GPX track path on an interactive map while playing a video.
  • PhoneTrack - Nextcloud application to track phones positions in real time.
  • GpxMotion - Nextcloud application to display animation from gpx data on an interactive map.