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Rename - too generic

The page is currently called "Applications". That title is far too generic. It could mean anything, and it invites people to list all sorts of things on here. We had a similar problem with pages called "Software" and "Using OpenStreetMap". These eventually were rationalised by moving things onto more specific sub-pages, but in this case maybe we can pre-empt the problem by renaming the page to something more specific.

Suggestions? It could at least be "Online applications", since it's only web based tools being linked to at the moment.

The page also duplicates a lot of lists elsewhere. Perhaps the author (originally User:TigerDuck) sees this as a useful selected curated set of links from some of the other lists, but selective curated lists are a tricky thing to maintain on this wiki (because you'd need to explain this, and explain why the list isn't just "incomplete", and people would still bung their ideas on here anyway) Perhaps it should be moved to a title such as "User:TigerDuck/Recommended applications" i.e. make this a personal page curated by TigerDuck rather than a main namespace collaborative page.

We need to rename it from "Applications" anyway.

-- Harry Wood 16:29, 5 July 2011 (BST)

Merge proposal

This in fact is a beginning of a list of online third party services. Such a list alrady exists in a better way at List of OSM based Services. --Cantho (talk) 04:43, 5 February 2014 (UTC)

Where to put web softwares designed to be self hosted ?

This is almost the only place i found to put web softwares that can be self hosted and do not provide a running instance, an associated service. I'm not really for merging for that reason.