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Author: Dr. Arndt Brenschede
License: MIT License
Platforms: Android and Web
Version: 1.7.0 (2023-04-29)
Source code:
Programming language: Java

Routing engine designed for cycling

BRouter is a routing engine designed to calculate optimal cycling routes using OpenStreetMap and elevation data. It is available as a web service and Android application. The Android app is compatible with OsmAnd, OruxMaps, and Locus Map as a selectable routing service; route generation is done offline. QMapShack can run BRouter to enable routing on-the -fly.

BRouter uses OSM data for routes, along with SRTM for terrain data. BRouter uses highly configurable routing profiles which may be selected or customized.


BRouter is available through Google Play, F-Droid, and from the website.

Online version

Projects at Github


Editor syntax highlighting for .brf profiles

User profiles

Links to custom routing profiles created by users in addition to the official BRouter profiles:

Alternative frontends

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