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Brouter map creation is the process of creating .rd5 file that are used by Brouter.

.rd5 files gives the routing data for a 5*5 degrees area on the world which is about 550 km high and 340 km wide for north/middle Europe.
See for a list of standard available .rd5 files

For basic documentation, see Build your own BRouter segments files.

Process steps

Like indicated in the, creating the maps can be done using the script and it follows the folowing steps:

  • OsmCutter
  • Reads the input, either a .pbf file, or osm.gz file a .osm file from stdin all using OSM XML format.
  • Parse the nodes, ways and realtion into own structures, NodeData, WayData or RelationData
  • Writes out 45*30 degree node tiles (*.ntl), a way file and a relation file all in binary format
  • NodeFilter
  • Filter out unused nodes according to the way file
  • RelationMerger
  • WayCutter
  • cut the way file into 45*30 - pieces
  • add relation data to the relevant ways
  • WayCutter5
  • cut the 45*30 way files into 5*5 pieces
  • create a file containing all border node ids
  • NodeCutter
  • Cut the 45*30 node tiles into 5*5 pieces
  • PosUnifier
  • Add SRTM elevation data
  • Make a bordernodes file
  • WayLinker
  • For each 5*5 tile, the corresponding nodefile and wayfile is read plus the (global) bordernodes file, and an rd5 is written

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