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This page attempts to list all websites and services that use OpenStreetMap. To prevent this page from getting too large, only list one representative site per notable company or web portal.

For information on how OpenStreetMap is used for research purposes, see this main wiki article

For games that use OSM, see this article.

Government agencies


  • Buenos Aires interactive map, using data from OSM for Greater Buenos Aires.
  • UrbaSig, geographical information of Buenos Aires province with lots of layers, using OSM data as background.


European Union


Great Britain




  • health and safety information for travellers to foreign countries, operated by 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation'
  • Italian Carabinieri law enforcement agency using an old and light version of OpenStreetMap to show where they are located
  • Italian Coast Guard website uses OpenStreeMap as background when showing where their offices are located


United States of America

Non-Government Organizations


Big companies


Social networks

Photo and video services

  • Flickr uses OSM maps for some parts of the world, e.g. Beijing and Baghdad.
  • PhotoPrism uses OSM MapTiler for visualizing photo locations on a map.
  • Photocrowd

Link sharing

Public transport

  • The German Regional public transport association Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund offers OSM-based maps as an alternative in the maps of route/connection search.
  • Public Transport Victoria - uses Mapbox for their Journey Planner
  • The German public transport association HVV uses OSM to show routes on their website, in their app and for printed maps on stop and stations.
  • eScoot app / (Bebop SAS - Shows all available electric scooters on the map
  • SBB, the national railway company of Switzerland, uses OSM for a multitude of things. For example, transit directions can be shown on a OSM-based map. Some train stations also have large, interactive touch screens that can show the same OSM-based map.
  • TPC, another public transit operator in Switzerland, uses OSM maps through Mapbox on their website. Their mobile app also uses OSM extensively, however it appears to be lacking proper attribution as of August 2022.
  • Trimet the transit agency of Portland, Oregon.
  • Rejseplanen, the Danish national Journey Planner [3]
  • Budapest
  • Transit uses OSM as its data source for biking and walking directions in its trip planner. Google Maps and Apple Maps are, however, used as a base display map on Android and iOS devices respectively.
  • OpenStreetMap data is used in Västtrafik's maps on their website. Their app still uses Google Maps (Västra Götaland, Sweden)
  • journey planner for public transport in cities in Poland
  • Public transport monitoring services of the following places:
    • Россия, Ярославль [4]
    • Россия, Рязань [5]
    • Россия, Владимир [6]
    • Россия, Саратов [7]
    • Россия, Южно-Сахалинск [8]
    • Россия, Хабаровск [9]
    • Россия, Тюмень [10]


Rideshare / Taxi




Activity tracking software

Estate agent

Classified ads


Search engines

Educational Institutions


Service / Business


  • Nike Grid Run
  • JournalMap is a scientific journal search service to find articles based on the location where the research was conducted.
  • Down Detector
  • Samsung's Find My Mobile service allows the user to switch from HERE maps (the default) to OpenStreetMap.
  • OpenEventMap Create and share private and public events.
  • Speedtest by Ookla uses OSM to show cell reception on a map.
  • Wolt uses OSM to visualize the courier's location for clients (web app).
  • DHL uses Leaflet for package redirection interface.

Country specific

  • United States of America - Coveragemap Map of cellular coverage in the US
  • United States of America - WebMD's physician locator service uses OSM to show a map when getting directions to a doctor ("Internet Brands" is credited for OSM data)
  • United Kingdom - Crystal Roof UK area research tool. They use OSM raw data with a reworked OSM Carto stylesheet.
  • Australia - OpenLot discover land for sale in a given area.
  • Germany - Ihr Kaufpark supermarkets in Germany
  • Poland - InPost uses OSM as a map for visualizing parcel locker locations; however, the parcel location data does not come from OSM.
  • Portugal - Locky uses OSM as a map for visualizing parcel locker locations; however, the parcel location data and description does not come from OSM.

  • Small Pet Select - Upon completion of checkout, shows a map of the ship-to address - OSM map hosted by Mapbox
  • Heirloom Market BBQ - Location map for the restaurant uses OSM map hosted by Mapbox
  • Blackmarble has a map with their office location shown.
  • notiOne mobile application uses OSM as their base map.


Genealogy & Graves

Vehicle Tracking - supply chain transparency

Aircraft location tracking

Ship location tracking

Satellite location tracking


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