SotM 2011 session: Insert Coin To Play

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In this SOTM11 session Martijn van Exel discussed a few related topics:

  • The Warm Geography of OSM versus the Cold Geography of traditonal geodata.
  • Expressing the local Warmth of OSM by taking the temperature of local OpenStreetMap communities.
  • An important raison d'etre of cold local communities is that it's still too hard to get involved with OSM, to take those first steps - what I call The First Mile
  • Some ideas from gaming and other online communities that could help pave that First Mile:
    • Tiered editing capabilities: you 'earn' the right to make more complicated edits
    • Local OSMasters who watch over newcomers through an auto-OWL
    • New contributors are introduced to their OSMaster(s)


The code I used to calculate the Community Scorecards, the Data Temperature and build the Temperature Maps is on GitHub. See the example below. You will need osmium / osmjs to run it on your own osm files.