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MapComplete Screenshot.png
Authors: Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg pietervdvn
License: GNU General Public License
Platform: Web
Status: Active
Version: 0.19.1 version (2022-05-07)
Language: multiple languages
Source code: Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg pietervdvn/MapComplete
Programming languages: Typescript, HTML, and CSS

MapComplete shows a single theme which is relevant for a single interest, e.g. cycling, nature, ... The editor offers the capability to modify tags on existing features and to add new points.

MapComplete is an OpenStreetMap editor which aims to be really easy to use. The core idea is that it shows a single theme which is relevant for a single interest, e.g. cycling, nature, speeds, trees... It is however possible to switch the theme in the app.

This web-based editor enthusiastically reuses ideas from StreetComplete and MapContrib. The editor offers the capability to modify tags on existing features and to add new points. Modifying geometry is not possible, neither is adding ways.

While it is easy to create custom themes, there are some built-in (official) themes too. To create your own theme, follow the video tutorial and have a look to the the official docs. Get in touch with the MapComplete-community in the chatroom via Telegram or Matrix (Element link). (Telegram and Riot are bridged - so you can choose whatever you want)

For an introduction oriented to people who aren't into OSM yet, see the project page at

List of official themes

For all the official themes, visit MapComplete where all themes will be presented.

Running an assisted import with MapComplete

All OSM-based layers in MapComplete will automatically read the OpenStreetMap-notes and show notes which might indicate a possible missing feature matching the layer.

For example: if a layer shows all key=value-features, then a note with the following text will be shown:

There might be a feature of type XYZ here key=value key0=value0

This means that it is possible to run a campaign to resurvey data from an external dataset which has to be imported.

There are no requirements on whom creates these notes.

There is a page on mapcomplete which helps to create these notes and which performs validation, filters out duplicates and makes sure that all goes smoothly. There is an additional page with an overview of the import campaign and with a few tools to update or to close the notes from a single batch (e.g. to clean them up after a year of inactivity)


There are a few forks running, separate from the official instance on

List of unofficial themes

MapComplete allows to load a self-made theme. A theme-configuration is basically a JSON-document. If this json document is encoded with base64 and passed in via the URL-hash (together with ?userlayout=something), this theme will be loaded.

This has given rise to quite some custom themes, which can be visited below. Keep in mind that some of them can be rough around the edges. If you see something that can be improved, you can change this! The theme can be loaded in the custom generator by visiting the theme, opening the 'share'-panel and clicking the edit-theme-button.

If you make substantial improvements, copy the share-link and update it below to 'publish' your change. This way, the themes below can grow and become better. If they are useful, have a decent English translation and are somewhat polished, they might be made official - open a PR or issue on the issue tracker then.

Name, link Genre Covered region Language Description Free materials Image
Velocidad POI, editor, search, maxspeed Worldwide English, Spanish, Catalan missing tagged ways with maxspeed and oneway key

maxspeed=* oneway=*

Yes StreetComplete quest maxspeed.svg
Arbre o tallat? POI, editor, search, trees Worldwide Catalan nodes tagged as trees, to review if is there a tree or a tree_stump

natural=tree natural=tree_stump source=survey source=local_knowledge source:date=* note=*

Yes Icon quest tree.svg
Container on vas? POI, editor, search, recycling Worldwide Catalan, Spanish nodes tagged as containers to specify which type of rubbish it is collected

amenity=recycling recycling_type=container recycling:paper=yes recycling:cans=yes recycling:PET=yes recycling:cartons=yes recycling:glass_bottles=yes recycling:organic=yes recycling:waste=yes

Yes StreetComplete quest recycling materials.svg
Crossing time POI, editor, search, crossings Worldwide Catalan, Spanish nodes tagged as only highway=crossing to extend their information

highway=crossing crossing=unmarked crossing=uncontrolled crossing=traffic_signals crossing_ref=zebra crossing_ref=pelican crossing_ref=toucan crossing_ref=puffin crossing_ref=tiger bicycle=yes

Yes StreetComplete quest crossing.svg
Where the sidewalks have no name POI, editor, search, sidewalks, crossings Worldwide Catalan, Spanish, English names,width and accessibility on sidewalks and crossings to improve pedestrian navigation

highway=pedestrian footway=crossing footway=sidewalk name=* width=* wheelchair=*

Yes StreetComplete quest road name.svg
Where the streets have number POI, editor, search, addresses Worldwide Catalan, Spanish Entrances without complete address

entrance=yes nohousenumber=yes addr:postcode=* addr:housenumber=* addr:street=*

Yes StreetComplete quest housenumber.svg
Códigos postales POI, editor, search, postal codes Worldwide Spanish Municipalities without postal code


Yes StreetComplete quest mail ref.svg
Wikidata POI, editor, search, wikidata Worldwide Spanish Add missing wikidata tag to boundaries


Yes Animated Wikidata logo.gif
Restaurants POI, editor, search, restaurant Worldwide Catalan, Spanish Add missing restaurants tag

addr:housenumber=*addr:postcode=* addr:street=* name=* opening_hours=* website=*

Yes StreetComplete quest orchard.svg
Turn back time (names from the past) POI, editor, search, history Worldwide Spanish Add data from other years for amenities, shops, offices and tourism places

name:2010=*name:2000=* name:1990=* name:1980=* name:1970=* name:1960=* name:1950=* name:1940=* name:1930=* name:1920=* name:1910=* name:1900=*

Yes StreetComplete quest clock.svg
Opening_Hours:COVID19 (wiki) POI, editor, search, COVID19 Worldwide English, Catalan, Spanish Add Opening_Hours data and Opening_Hours:COVID19 in shops and offices


Yes SARS-CoV-2 without background.png
Opening_Hours:COVID19 POI, editor, search, COVID19 Worldwide Catalan, Spanish Add Opening_Hours data and Opening_Hours:COVID19 in all business


Yes SARS-CoV-2 without background.png
Kerbs accessibility, editor, search, kerbs Worldwide Catalan, Spanish , Spanish Add kerbs information


Yes Ramp wheelchair.svg
Sidewalks, crossings and pedestrian ways editor, search, lit, perception Worldwide Catalan, Spanish , Spanish Add accessible info about pedestrian streets, footways and crossings

wheelchair=* footway=sidewalk footway=crossing highway=pedestrian

Yes Obstacle wheelchair yes.svg
Lit editor, search, wheelchair, sidewalks, crossings, pedestrians Worldwide Catalan, Spanish , Spanish Add lit and lit:perceived information


Yes Lit osm.svg
1roadAllLanes editor, search, lanes Worldwide Catalan, Spanish , Spanish Add lanes information


Yes Lanes quest logo.svg
Skateparks editor, search, sport Worldwide English Add skateparks


Yes Skate Park (6326) - The Noun Project.svg
Walking Node Network editor, search, Walking Node network Worldwide Nederlands, English Add Walking Network nodes and edit node tags and route tags. Yes Cyclejunctionnetwork.png
Benches and picnic tables editor, search, benches, picnic tables Worldwide Nederlands, English Find, edit and add benches & picnic tables. Change the type of bench, or mark as gone. Yes File:File:Chairbook 4 kids 001.JPG
Fitness station map editor, search, fitness, sport Worldwide Nederlands Add, review, or improve the location or attributes of leisure=fitness_station Yes File:Https:// 493643.png
Stolpersteine map editor, search Worldwide English Add or review attributes of Stolpersteine or clusters of Stolpersteine no Stolperstein Else Liebermann von Wahlendorf Berlin Budapester Strasse.jpg
Railway crossings in Argentina editor, search Worldwide {{{lang}}} Improve railway crossing data yes BSicon BAHN.svg
OpenImageMap ? Worldwide English A map showing OSM features that have an image linked to it. Not necessarily useful, but cool anyway. yes
Infotafel editor, search Worldwide Deutsch A map showing information boards, maps and plaques. yes
OpenLightHouses ? Worldwide English A map for showing and editing lighthouses. yes
Veterinarians map viewer, editor Worldwide English A map with veterinaries yes

Schools map viewer, editor Worldwide English A map with schools, universities, colleges and kindergartens yes Antu applications-education-university-BKTT.svg
Composthoekjes map viewer, editor Worldwide Nederlands A map with (public) compostation containers and facilities yes Compost - Compostable waste - biodegradable waste - biological waste icon.png
churches POI, editor, personal Worldwide English Shows churches Yes MapComplete Screenshot.png
scales map viewer, editor Worldwide English A map with small weighing scales yes Scale icon unbalanced.svg
Slipways map viewer, editor Worldwide English A map with slipways yes Transport slipway.svg