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Public-images-osm logo.svg natural = tree_stump
Tree stump1 30u06.JPG
A base remaining from a cut down or broken tree Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: natural
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysshould not be used on areasshould not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
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Status: de facto

This is a tag for a tree stump - remains of a cut down or broken tree.

Some are present-long term. But even relatively short-term ones may be useful to show that a tree which might still be visible in aerial imagery, is not there any more. Some tree stumps may also have been intentionally left, e.g. to provide seating or in memory of a tree.

See also

  • natural=tree
  • obstacle=fallen_tree - most used tag for fallen trees, consistent with the obstacle key definition
  • barrier=fallen_tree - low usage tag (400 as of Jan 2022) describing a fallen tree, somehow inconsistent because the key barrier is mostly describing objects put on purpose
  • barrier=log - tree trunk or major branch as a barrier
  • barrier=tree_trunk - very rare tag (16 as of Jan 2022)
  • natural=fallen_tree (note that it is used very rarely, fallen trees if at all are mapped as obstacles or barriers, but there are some notable fallen trees)