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This page was translated from FR:MapContrib ((fr)). You may review changes to the original page with the translation of this page since its last sync.
Author: mapcontrib/mapcontrib/graphs/contributors
Version: 1.17 releases (2020-07-24)
Source code: mapcontrib/mapcontrib

Thematic OpenStreetMap contribution

MapContrib is a web application for thematic contributions to OpenStreetMap. It is simple, universal (works on all media) and mobile (test it on the street!).

Everyone can create themes and then make them available to anyone. Users can use their OpenStreetMap to contribute to the OSM database through the theme.

Home page

  1. Create a new theme
  2. Search existing topics with at least one layer
  3. The selected theme will be displayed, then filled with result data

Choose a theme

Select either one of the propsed themes (3), or one of the results of a search (2).

The theme interface

Different views when not logged in, logged in as regular OSM user or as theme owner
MapContrib-interface-non-connecte.png MapContrib-interface-connecte-utilisateur.png MapContrib-interface-connecte-proprio.png
not logged in logged into OSM account logged in as owner of the scheme
Provides the information defined by the user of the scheme Allows to modify data and to add new point (moving of existing points to follow soon) Allows you to configure the theme, the underlying OverPass query, the predefined nodes, the color, the contents of the pop-ups, the icon, etc. ...

Description of the MapContrib interface

  1. Change the zoom level
  2. Current zoom level
  3. Search for a location
  4. Follow GPS
  5. Switch to full screen
  6. Select POI data layers (see also #14)
  7. Select map background tile source (see also #15)
  8. Link to Wiki help (not working yet)
  9. Show theme description (see also #13)
  10. Disconnects, displays its themes (not functional yet) and its preferences (not functional yet)
  11. Share (as URL or HTML <iframe> code)
  12. Contributor mode: Add points of interest
  13. Owner mode: Define general attributes of the theme
  14. Owner mode: Allows to define the POI data layers (overpass query, graphic points, ...) and their visibilities (for #6)
  15. Owner mode: Define available base map layers (for #7)
  16. Owner mode: Define the POI models to be added, available in #12 for contributors
  17. Map scale
  18. Map layer and Leaflet annotations

Using a theme

Logging in

MapContrib-user-001.png MapContrib-user-002.png
Click / press here to log in Use your OSM account to log in
MapContrib-user-003.png MapContrib-user-004.png MapContrib-user-004-1.png
Fill in your user credentials MapContrib requires access to certain features in your account You are logged in as a contributor, you can modify and add Points of Interest

Edit data

MapContrib-user-005.png MapContrib-user-006.png
Edit data Edit tags and save

Adding a point of interest

MapContrib-user-007.png MapContrib-user-008.png MapContrib-user-009.png
Add a missing POI Select one of the choices predefined by the theme owner After saving, a gray icon confirms the addition of the POI to OpenStreetMap

Building a theme

MapContrib generates a theme. The "owner" will thus define the theme by its name, description, color, link and default zoom where it opens, by the layers that compose it, by the background maps that are made available to the Contributors, by predefined points of interest (nodes). This theme will then be made available via an internet address of all OpenStreetMap contributors, who can modify and add information according to the theme defined by the theme owner.

Build your theme

Open the configuration from the right column, then fill in the different fields
MapContrib-theme-1.png MapContrib-theme-2.png
  1. - The theme name
  2. - The theme description. This is shown when pressing the info point at the top right of the interface (#9 in the interface description above n°9 dans la description de l'interface ci dessus)
  3. - Choose the themes base color
  4. - Keep configured position or use current map position and zoom level
  5. - Save configuration

( Note: in the current version you can also choose which Geocoder to use and how to show Informations display. There is also a field where you can insert some Javascript.)

General configuration button Configuration fields Configuration description

Build a data layer

Use the POI layer button on the right to add a layer
Mapcontrib-1-ouvrir-menu-layer.png MapContrib-002.png
POI layer button Add a POI layer

Define the different fields

Description of the POI layer dialog
  1. - The layers title
  2. - The layer description, for the menu on the left side
  3. - The POI marker icon
  4. - Visibility and editing options for this layer
  5. - Content of POI marker popups
  6. - The min. zoom level for querying POI data
  7. - OverPass query for this layer
  8. - Save the layer.

( Note: in the current version you can Cache a layer, meaning the content of the query is saved for a while on the Mapcontrib servers. This allows for much faster load times. You can also enable a "cache archive", which will contain deleted objects.)

POI marker popup contents explained

What you write in the content of the bubbles will then appear in the pop-up. Writing in the pop-up will bring up the link to edit the information (incessantly, even an empty pop-up will display a data edit link).

You can use the information from the OpenStreetMap data, displaying the value from the dynamic call of the key.

{Amenity} in the pop-up will display recycling in the case of a recycling device (amenity = recycling).

Adding the keys to the pop-up also allows you to sort the display order when editing the data. The key will always be present in the editing window, thus improving the data.

Defining prefilled nodes

Open the Node Types menu, right column, and then add a node type
MapContrib-noeud-1.png MapContrib-noeud-2.png
Node type button Add a node type
Define the input fields
The input fields dialog
  1. - Node type name
  2. - The description of the node type, which will appear when adding a new node (#12 in the interface description)
  3. - Tag(s) associated with this new node, which will be automatically set when adding a node
  4. - Whether users may modify the key
  5. - Whether users may modify the value; necessary to be able to enter values, names, ...
  6. - Save the dialog input

Adding an OverPass query

By default MapContrib sets the query timeout to 300 seconds (5 minutes)


Two query examples:

Example 1 : show schools as points

  • Displaying nodes and paths (node and way) from OpenStreetMap referring to a key = value tag -> here we will use: amenity = school
Showing POI markers only
out center body;

Example 2 : show schools as points and areas

  • Display nodes and paths (node and way) from OpenStreetMap as markers and areas, respectively, referring to a key = value tag -> here we will use: amenity = school
Showing POI markers and areas
out center body;
out skel qt;

Presentation videos

Tutorials (in French)

Presentation at State of the Map France - 2016 - Clermont-Ferrand (in French)

Theme examples

Instances of the software in public use

In the news

Articles mentioning MapContrib or specific themes