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OpenTrailView (OTV) was a platform to upload Android Photo Spheres of off-road routes such as footpaths and cycle paths. The aim was to create a similar piece of software to Google Street View but for footpaths, using open licencing, and using underlying OSM data to link panoramas so that users can navigate from one panorama to the next. As of 2016 this project is suspended due to the original author User:nickw having insufficient time; however the source code is available on Github as part of the Freemap project.


In the original version of OTV, presented in Girona in 2010, standalone, cylindrical panoramas were created and positioned manually. The procedure involved creating panoramic shots with a regular camera together with GPX traces to position the photos based on the exif timestamp and GPX timestamps. Separate stitching software such as Hugin was used to stitch the individual shots. This complex procedure dissuaded contributors and the project was in a dormant state from early 2011 to late 2013. However, with the advent of Photo Spheres on Android phones, the possibility of the project attracting greater interest due to lower barrier of entry has arisen. Thus work on the project has restarted (Oct 2013) as "opentrailview2".


With the current version you can:

  • upload new photo spheres (if logged in)
  • view existing photo spheres on an OSM map

Future plans include, primarily:

  • allowing users navigate from sphere to sphere, to produce a vaguely Street View-like walkthrough. To avoid huge volumes of data, the intention is to take spheres at key points on footpaths, such as junctions, bends and places with interesting views or other features of interest. Spheres will be connected by drawing lines between them, using the underlying OSM map for reference.


Internet Explorer not currently supported (maybe IE11 works). Current Firefox and Chrome fine - tested on Linux and Windows 7.


As the map consists of the standard OSM Mapnik tiles (permission has been given for this), photo spheres for the whole world can be uploaded and viewed.

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With the appearance of consumer-level 360 degree cameras, resurrection of the OpenTrailView project is being considered (as of late 2018) by its author, nickw. It is hoped that the project will achieve more takeup now that the barrier to entry is potentially lower. Please check back here soon.