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Authors: Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg plepe/OpenStreetBrowser/graphs/contributors
License: (free of charge)
Platform: Web
Version: 5.0.1 releases (2021-08-29)
Language: multiple languages
Source code: Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg plepe/OpenStreetBrowser

Interactively browse not only the map but also the contained information.

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The OpenStreetBrowser ( is an application to 'browse' through the information in the displayed part of the map. The aim of the project is to provide a highly dynamic map that makes every mapped feature easily available to the user.


  • Browse map content in certain categories.
  • Wikipedia integration and images (from image, wikipedia, wikimedia_commons, wikidata tags)
  • It uses the Overpass API to access the map data and therefore (almost) up-to-date.
  • Download selected object or visible map features in various formats (GeoJSON, OSM formats).
  • You can create categories yourself, check this howto.
  • OpenStreetBrowser is already available in several languages. Follow this how-to to improve translations or create a new one!


OpenStreetBrowser shut down its service in 2016 and was reborn in July 2017 with a new implementation. Check the old project site for the previous version.

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