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Author: User:Amm
License: Free?
Platforms: Windows, Linux, and macOS
Version: (2012-04-05)
Source code:
Programming language: Java

Simple tool to see live changes in OSM.

A LiveEditMapViewer screenshot showing a bunch of new nodes.

LiveMapViewer ( ) is a tool to see live changes based on Planet.osm diff.

The tool is developed by User:Amm.


The colored dots have the following meaning:

blue = new node
green = modified node
red = deleted node


Once the tool was started, it downloads the latest diffs (once a minute) and draws the created / modified / deleted nodes on a slippy map. You can navigate in the slippy map in the same way as in the slippy map on the homepage.

Shift-Clicking on a node will open up more information about the node in your browser (shows the OSM-browse page for the node).

The way LiveEditMapViewer is written, it is quite resource intensive, so watching the whole world for a long time might not be possible. You can however specify a bounding box to limit the area you want to watch. This can be done by specifying bounding box parameters when starting LiveEditMapViewer. E.g. "java -jar LiveEditMapViewerJ.jar -12.0 35.0 45.00 72.00" would watch changes done in Europe. Or, if you want to watch to whole world, just occasionally restart.


Note: During the redaction period as part of the changes for the new licence change, the URL for the minute diffs have moved. You should use this binary (iveEditMapViewerJ-redaction.jar) in the meantime:


LiveEditMapViewerJ is open source and the source code can be found in the OSM SVN repository at (

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