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The Iso4App API is a service of the K-SOL S.r.l. based onto OSM data; it's purpose is to provide isolines (isodistances and isochrones) to be used in geographic analysis.

Iso4app Screenshot (Widget for Isochrones and Isodistaces)
Iso4app Screenshot (Widget for Isochrones and Isodistances)


  • Europe
  • Russian Federation
  • Ukraine
  • North America
  • Central America
  • Australia-Oceania
  • South Africa


  • Javascript or Rest Api available
  • Generate isolines polygons which represent the area which is reachable from a given source point starting from time or distance
  • Support for walk, car, bike isolines
  • Predefined speed levels and customizable speed value
  • Flags to reduce queue time and avoid tolls
  • Customizable concavity level, from convex to higher concave polygon (9 concavity level)
  • Isodistances between 500 meters and 500 kilometers
  • Isochrones (Travel Time Map) between 1 minute and 5 hours

Isochrones for Public Transport

The Iso4App has implemented this wonderfull service based onto the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), also known as GTFS static; it's purpose is to provide isochrones to be used in transport planning.

You will be able to view the urban areas reachability departing from a precise date/time.

This service can be useful for departments of urban transport, public transport agency, companies working on urban sustainable mobility and transportation engineering company.

For demo purpose we have set-up the city of Tolosa (France).