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Available languages — 3D
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Viewing OpenStreetMap data in 3D. Using OSM-3D

The third dimension is a growing topic at OSM. It's already possible to add detailed buildings and a lot of minor objects, which results in a 'feeling like home'.


If you just want to browse 3D city models, you can view them with multiple tools:

Screenshot OSM Wiki Link External Link Description License Type
F4 3d Screenshot.png F4 Map Map WebGL realtime render - with fountains, trees, meteo, shadows based on real sun/moon position proprietary / closed source Web Application
Blender-osm 2016-11-15.png blender-osm $5.90 on Gumroad


A Blender plugin Open Source Application
Kendzi3d more complex roof.png Kendzi3d Website


3D Renderer part of JOSM Map editor Open Source Application
OSM2World-Luebeck-Hauptbahnhof.jpg OSM2World Website


GNU Lesser General Public License (free of charge) Application
Blicky-NYC.png Blicky Map Seems to be offline Web Application
MSN Rostok 3D.png MapSurfer Website



only building heights Web Application
MapboxOutdoors.jpg MapBox Website


Web Application
ESB osm2x3d.png Open Earth View Map Web Application
OpenScienceMap Website


WebGL viewer using pre-calculated 3D building tiles - also works on Android and desktop Web Application
OSMB-Manhattan.png OSMBuildings Map Web Application
OSMgoScreenshot.png OSM go Map Web Application
Osm3d frankfurt2.jpg OSM-3D.org Map only building heights Web Application (Java)
Wma webglbuildings.png WikiMiniAtlas Map Integrated in Wikipedia. Web Application
ViziCities Website


WebGL dynamic OpenStreetMap visualisation platform + live transport and data overlays Web Application
OpenStreetMap-OSM-3D-Android-OSG-Map-20.png OSG-Maps Android (Play Store) for Android Mobile Application
Maps.me android screenshot 2018-01.png MAPS.ME Website

iOS (iTunes)

Android (Play Store)

for Android/iOS Mobile Application

Quick access to demonstration areas are also available on the Simple 3D Buildings page. A similar list of map applications can be found on Simple 3D buildings page.


For artists, it might be interesting to get city models in common 3D formats as .OBJ


The process of detailed recording your environment for later modelling is called micromapping in general. To get a lot of details very quickly, the Photomapping technique is recommend.
Instead of taking your own photos (from top of tall buildings), you can watch for your area at Wikipedia Commons or ask e.g. Wireless Community networks. Some further image services, which are worth to check:


To enter the data of your city, you can use OSM itself, or use an external storage.

Additional list of 3D tagging applications can be found on Simple 3D buildings page.


You are interested in embedding 3D functionality in your own software?

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