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3D Model Repository (3DMR), available at https://3dmr.eu, is a web application that allows users to link 3D models of world features to locations on OpenStreetMap.


3DMR was started as a project for Google Summer of Code 2017 by User:n42k, with User:OSMBuildings and User:Tordanik as mentors, with the aim of improving the quality of the 3D renderers available in OSM, to expand upon the Simple 3D Buildings idea, and it was launched in March 2018 to all OSM users.


The main intended feature of the repository is letting 3D renderers display 3D models at certain locations. At this time, the following renderers support 3DMR:

OSM go

Adding a model

Making your model

Firstly, make a 3D model of the feature you will be uploading. Any software that supports the OBJ file format will work. An example is Blender. You may also use other programs, that don't output directly to OBJ, but output to a format that can later be converted to OBJ, such as SketchUp, exporting as OpenCOLLADA, then opening the model in Blender and exporting as OBJ. This might be the quickest option for users new to modelling who wish to contribute!

Then, upload your model to 3DMR, following the instructions laid out there.


Finally, you must link your model to OSM feature(s). To do this, simply use the tag 3dmr=<id>, where id is the first number found in the URL of your model, and is also listed on the right-hand side of each model page on the 3DMR website. You can apply this tag to all OpenStreetMap elements, that is nodes, ways, areas or relations. See the Key:3dmr page for additional tagging instructions.

Setting up your renderer

If you already have a 3D renderer and would like to support having 3D models from the repository in it, it should be straightforward to implement. There's details on how to parse the 3dmr=* tag, and which transformations should be applied at User:Tordanik/Proposed features/3D model repository links, and you should also read the API documentation.

Development Details

You can consult information about the development of 3DMR at the following links: