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OpenScienceMap was a project at the University of Bremen, that as of 2020 appears to be completely abandoned. Its main goal was to create a platform that enables researchers to implement their ideas, to cooperate with others, and to share their results with everybody. [1]

Vector rendering project

We are currently working on a vector-tile service, OpenGL ES map rendering on mobile devices and generalization of OpenStreetMap data for vector-tiles. Our research is focused on developing new methods for map interaction.

Direct access to our map: [2] (after zooming in try to move the mouse with the right mouse button pressed!)

Tile Server

Vector-tile are served from The format definition can be found at [3] Our infrastructure consists of:

  • osm2pgsql planet import with minutely updates
  • mod_tile with Tirex - managing tile cache and render queue
  • TirexStache[4] - a Tirex backend that renders TileStache layers
  • TileStache with OSciMap4[5] vector-tile provider