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MapLibre are a set of open-source maps SDKs for developing web and mobile applications developed by a community of companies and freelance developers.


MapLibre started as a fork of Mapbox GL JS 1.13 in December 2020, after Mapbox announced a second version of the library that was no longer open-sourced.

Originally, it included only the JavaScript library. In January 2021, MapTiler contributed with their improved Android and iOS SDKs fork. In July 2021, TypeScript support was added to MapLibre GL JS.

In May 2022, support for Terrain3D landed in MapLibre GL JS.

In September 2023, Governing Board elections were held for the first time and the first board was elected and the MapLibre Charter was adopted as guiding document for the project.

In January 2024, a version of MapLibre Native for iOS was released that included Metal support.


The main projects of MapLibre are:

  • MapLibre GL JS - library allowing users to display maps on the web using JavaScript of TypeScript
  • MapLibre Native - MapLibre map rendering toolkit for Android, iOS, Node.js, Qt.

The MapLibre Style Specification defines what can go into a style document that determines the visual appearance of a map. A style document can be used for both toolkits.

Since its inception, other projects have been added under the MapLibre umbrella, such as:


MapLibre is accepting donations via the GitHub sponsorship page.

As of May 2025, the project is being sponsored by AWS and Meta, among other companies.

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