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MapTiler ( is a global map service provider and software development company. MapTiler team is the original author and the main contributor to the OpenMapTiles project, OSMNames, and other open-source projects.

Tools and products

MapTiler Customize tool

Open-source tools


Most of the maps are based on OpenStreetMap data, some have additional Natural Earth data on lower zoom levels and town labels from Wikidata.

  • Streets - a general-purpose map with highlighted road infrastructure
  • Satellite - a mixture of satellite and aerial imagery with labels and streets from OSM
  • Basic - map containing only basic information
  • Dark and Light - derived from Basic, both map styles are designed to serve as a discreet background for additional geodata
  • Outdoor and Topo - maps with contour lines and hillshading, designed for movement in terrain
  • 3D - to show any of the map above in three dimensions

Maps in custom coordinate systems

MapTiler maps are provided in standard Mercator projection. For specific use-cases, there are maps based on OpenStreetMap in local coordinate systems, namely in:

  • WGS84
  • French Lambert
  • Swiss EPSG:2056
  • Dutch RD-New
  • ... and others

Maps from other open-data sources

Apart from maps based on OSM, there are local maps based on government open-data:

  • Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain
  • Map of Japan with government road data
  • Map of the Netherlands


Country names and city labels are available in more than 60 languages. It is also possible to display labels in the local language and language of your preference. This option is widely used especially for non-Latin alphabets.

Supported libraries

MapTiler maps can be browsed in web or desktop applications

  • Leaflet - raster tiles, vector tiles via a plugin
  • OpenLayers - raster tiles, vector tiles via a plugin
  • Mapbox GL JS - vector tiles
  • Cesium - raster 3D tiles
  • WMTS - for QGIS, ArcGIS or other desktop GIS software
  • QGIS plugin