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Hispanic community, the portal in Spanish for the Hispanic community of OpenStreetMap

The Hispanic community portal aims to gather, coordinate and be the portal of entry to the wiki for all Spanish-speaking people interested in collaborating in the OpenStreetMap project.

Learn more about the use of OpenStreetMap in Spanish on the following pages:


What is OpenStreetMap


How you can use OpenStreetMap


How you can contact the Hispanic community

  • OSM Latam, OpenStreetMap's Latin American community, is made up of a large number of Spanish-speaking contributors and communities.
  • Visit the project pages of Spanish-speaking countries, find their contact channels, and communicate with Spanish-speaking partners around the world.
  • Check out the OSM community's contact channels locate Spanish-language mailing lists and profiles on Spanish-speaking communities' social networks and instant messaging services.
  • Find wiki users who speak Spanish as their native language. You can also contact other users who speak Spanish as a second language.